EDI Institute's Theatres of Color Statement of Values

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute’s Theatres of Color Statement of Values


The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute (EDI) values racial equity and is committed to working in solidarity with theatres of color (TOCs) to end systemic racism in the theatre field and our broader culture. The Institute will continue to develop and support programs for and by TOCs to achieve these goals, as well as integrate an anti-racist analysis into all aspects of our institutional programming and decision-making.


Inspired by the words of W.E.B. Du Bois on the founding of The Krigwa Players, the EDI Institute defines TOCs as organizations that create work “about, by, for, and near” communities of color as a central part of their mission. TOCs are also defined by a commitment to having and supporting leadership of color. We believe that these theatres have unique strengths through which they make essential contributions to our field and culture. We also believe these theatres face unique challenges caused by historic injustice and continuing inquities; and that as beneficiaries of that systemic racism, predominantly white organizations, like TCG and other predominantly white theatres and foundations, have a special responsibility to end it.


Central to that work is the leadership of TOCs within the EDI Institute. This peer-learning community of multiple cohorts of theatres is committed to the anti-racist goals and values outlined above, and through TOC-centered collective action, works to end systemic racism in the theatre field. This work is integrated into both internal practices and external-facing programs.


*This Values Statement is supported by artEquity, program partner for the EDI Institute.