News about TCG's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative


August 4, 2017 Douglas Turner Ward's #LegacyLeaders screening series dates and locations announced


July 27, 2017:Woodie King Jr's #LegacyLeaders video shared at Black Theatre Network Conference


July 5, 2017Details announced for Lou Bellamy's #LegacyLeaders screening


June 19, 2017Douglas Turner Ward's #LegacyLeaders video shared at Project1VOICE event honoring Negro Ensemble Company members


June 13, 2017TCG releases EDI-themed "501c3, Nonpartisanship, and Bipartisanship Policy"


June 12, 2017:Oregon Artswatch covers TCG National Conference session “Creative Access: Accommodations for Professional Performers with Disabilities”


June 8-10, 2017TCG hosts At the Intersections arc at 2017 National Conference


June 7, 2017: artEquity and TCG host meeting of EDI Institute at Portland Center Stage at the Armory


May 1, 2017:Fractured Atlas interview with Tiffany Wilhelm includes mention of EDI Initiative


April 28, 2017:HowlRound essay "Toward a Model of Inclusive Practice: An Intern’s Perspective on the Guthrie Theater" includes mention of EDI Initiative


April 21, 2017:Details released for #LegacyLeaders screening for Muriel Miguel, Spiderwoman Theater


April  21, 2017: TCG Launches #LegacyLeaders video of Luis  Valdez, El Teatro Campesino


April  19, 2017: TCG implements all-gender bathrooms in office


April 18, 2017: TCG presents #LegacyLeaders screening event for Woodie King Jr. at Castillo Theatre in NYC


April 12, 2017: TCG present #LegacyLeaders screening event for Tisa Chang at Museum for Chinese in America (MOCA) in NYC


March 22-23, 2017: TCG conducts two-day all-staff training on core values and equity, diversity & inclusion


March 20, 2017: TCG Launches #LegacyLeaders video of Miriam Colón, Puetro Rican Traveling Theater


March 13, 2017: TCG Launches #LegacyLeaders video of Woodie King, Jr., New Federal Theatre


February 27, 2017: TCG Launches #LegacyLeaders video of Jackie Taylor, Black Ensemble Theater


February 17, 2017: Details released for #LegacyLeaders screening for Jackie Taylor, Black Ensemble Theater


February 15, 2017: TCG launches the #LegacyLeaders video of Douglas Turner Ward, Negro Ensemble Company


February 2, 2017: TCG launches the #LegacyLeaders video of Muriel Miguel, Spiderwoman Theater


January 20, 2017: TCG invites theatres to participate in Holocaust Remembrance Day through a play reading series


January 19, 2017: Over 500 theatres participate in the launch of The Ghostlight Project


January 19, 2017: TCG launches the #LegacyLeaders video of Lou Bellamy, Penumbra Theatre


January 18, 2017: Equity, Diversity & Institute announces three new core facilitators


January 6, 2017: TCG launches the #LegacyLeaders video of Tisa Chang, Pan Asian Repertory Theatre


December 21, 2016: artEquity and TCG announce their participation in 100&Change.


December 20, 2016: TCG officially launches the Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project by sharing the Launch and Teaser videos, and sending a national press release.


December 2, 2016, New York, NY: Emilya Cachapero shares a sneak peak of Miriam Colón's (Puerto Rican Traveling Theater) #LegacyLeaders video at the 2016 Latina/o Theatre Commons Regional Convening at Pregones/PRTT.


November 11, 2016, New York, NY: EDI Institute Cohort 2 meets at the Millennium Hotel. Their meeting focuses on hiring and recruitment, organizational models for smaller theatres and theatres of color, and analysis-building on identity and social location.


November 10, 2016, New York, NY: Theatres of color meet with allies from EDI Institute Cohort 1 at The Lark to discuss that Cohort 1's collective action, the Fund for an Equitable Theatre Ecology.


October 1, 2016, Ashland, OR: Elena Chang shares a sneak peak of Tisa Chang's (Pan Asian Repertory Theatre) #LegacyLeaders video at the Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists ConFest at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


August 19, 2016: TCG begins rolling out The Ground at 20 Videos.


June 23-25, 2016, Washington, DC: The At The Intersections arc provides ally and affinity sessions on citizenship, disability, gender, race, and sexual orientation, as well as the movement-building sessions How We Show Up and How We Move Forward.


June 22, 2016, Washington, DC: The first and second EDI Institute Cohorts meet at the National Endowment for the Arts. This meeting closes the official activity of Cohort 1, and launches Cohort 2.


June 21, 2016, Washington, DC: TCG Announces Inaugural Cohort of Rising Leaders of Color Program Recipients.


April 15-17, 2016, Twin Cities, MN: The EDI Institute presents artEquity's Facilitator Training Workshop to members of Cohort 1.


February 15, 2016: TCG Launches Two New Cohorts of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute