Billion Dollar Baby

by Julie Jensen
directed by Jere Hodgin
originally produced at Salt Lake Acting Company, Salt Lake City, UT.
November 6,2007 through December 2, 2007

About the Premiere Production:

Billion Dollar Baby is a one-woman satirical comedy about excessive parenting. Polly's son and his semiprecious wide Doreen have a daughter, Bernie, upon whom all gifts of heaven and earth are lavished.

Of course, such gifts came at a price. Bernie may not go in the yard by herself, in spite of the ten-foot metal gate, the nine-foot concrete walls topped by a rainbow razor wire because pedophiles could be on the neighbor's roof. And she may not go outside without her sunscreen, sun hat, dark glasses, her long sleeved sun-reflecting blouse and ankle-length sun reflecting skirt, in addition to knee pads, elbow pads, crash helmet, safety goggles, driving gloves and tooth guard.

Ultimately Polly, a champion of what she calls divine misbehavior, is at war with the way her granddaughter is brought up. This day in their lives ends with Bernie's third birthday party, an event worthy of Fellini himself. Justice ultimately triumphs, although, we might wonder what justice means.

Artistic Statement

Billion Dollar Baby is a play that asks us to look at what we take for granted, laugh, at it and imagine a way to change things. We are a culture now frightened by everything, and it makes our behavior toward our children sometimes ridiculous. It’s an entertaining play that explores important contemporary issues.

Creative Team:

Director: Jere Hodgin
Cast: Polly - Dee Macaluso

Additional Funders:

The Salt Lake Acting Company production is supported in part by a grant from American Express.