by Bob Clyman
directed by Jessica Kubzansky
originally produced at Laguna Playhouse, Laguna Beach, CA .
January 1,2008 through February 3, 2008

Subsequent productions at San Jose Repertory Theatre and Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell, Massachusetts

About the Premiere Production:

Tranced is the story of an esteemed and controversial hypnotherapist who uncovers a horrible, repressed memory from a patient--an African genocide. Torn between the doctor/patient trust ethic and the profound implications of the event, the doctor decides to bring the event to the attention of a reluctant U.S. government, only to find that truth is a matter of perception and political expedience. The play raises questions regarding who controls the truth in a delicate international political arena.

Artistic Statement

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Director:Jessica Kubzansky

Subsequent Productions:

San Jose Repertory Theatre - January 26-February 24, 2008
Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell, Massachusetts - February 12-March 8, 2009


In the press:

“Layered with provocative ethical questions, the play leaves us thinking even after it ends. Its topicality engenders reflection, as good theatre should.”
- Backstage