2017 Fall Forum on Governance: Turning the Tide

NYC Performance Discounts for Fall Forum Attendees



Atlantic Theater Company

Describe the Night, by Rajiv Joseph, directed by Giovanna Sardelli


In 1920, the Russian writer Isaac Babel wanders the countryside with the Red Cavalry. Seventy years later, a mysterious KGB agent spies on a woman in Dresden and falls in love. In 2010, an aircraft carrying most of the Polish government crashes in the Russian city of Smolensk. Set in Russia over the course of 90 years, this thrilling and epic new play by Rajiv Joseph (Atlantic's Guards at the Taj, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) traces the stories of seven men and women connected by history, myth and conspiracy theories.


Tickets: $49.50 plus applicable fees (a 24% discount on regular ticket prices) with code TCGATC. Buy tickets here. Performances 11/10 and 11/11.



Castillo Theatre

Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green, by Howard L. Craft

(a production of the New Federal Theatre in association with the Castillo Theatre

and The Store: One Block East of Jerome, by Fred Newman



Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green tells the story of an African-American male who exists in five dimensions of the same universe at different points in American history. In each incarnation- minstrel, cult leader, FBI informant, struggling actor, out-of-work mortgage broker- Abel finds himself stuck somewhere between the American dream and the American nightmare. We witness the trials of a simple man trying to make decisions that will allow him to survive in what the great African-American poet Claude McKay called "this cultured hell that tests my youth."


Tickets: 20% off with code TCGFR8. Performances from 11/9-11/12. Buy tickets here.



In Fred Newman’s The Store: One Block East of Jerome, two women from very different worlds — sociologist Professor Paula Brownell and veteran stripper Carmela Petrelli — meet in a strip club dressing room. They find a way to connect and explore the experiences of everyday sexism and exploitation, and of the impact and the limitations of the women’s movement. Learning Carmela’s history leads Professor Brownell to surprise even herself. Directed by Imani, The Store: One Block East of Jerome contains nudity, explicit language and sexual situations; parental discretion is advised.


Tickets: 20% off with code TCG1BE. Performances from 11/10-11/12. Buy tickets here.


Classic Stage Company

The Stowaway
by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

Written and directed by Drew Petersen

(For ages 5+)


Times are changing on the Island of Hockey Puck. A new Duke is ruling with an iron fist, the old Duke disappeared in a puddle of mystery, and a stowaway named Dull is on the run from it all back to her homeland of Illyria. Inspired by the plays and language of Shakespeare, this world premiere by the acclaimed Trusty Sidekick Theater Company uses puppetry, live music, and a sea of imagination.


Tickets: $22.50 (10% off regular tickets)
plus $1 handling fee with code TRUSTY. Performances November 6-19, 2017. Buy tickets here.



La MaMa


Don't Feed the Indians, conceived, written and directed by Murielle Borst-Tarrant

The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald, conceived and written by Vít Hořejš

andConquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide, by Charles Ludlam



Watch out when Indian show business meets the Doctrine of Discovery! Don't Feed the Indians is a raucous play and political satire loosely based on Dante's Divine Comedy. A comedic Native-Aesthetic look at the marginalization of Indigenous Peoples and the appropriation of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property. See what happens when the Indians push back. A Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective Project.


Tickets: $5 off with the code TCG5. Performances from 11/9-11/12. Buy tickets here.



The Life And Times Of Lee Harvey Oswald revisits three 1963 national traumas: the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother, and Rev. Martin Luther King. Exploring the shrouded, dense cobwebs of multiple conspiracy theories that attempt to justify these senseless acts. The main protagonists inexorably approach the Grassy Knoll guided by fate as marionettes are powered by their strings. A co-production of Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre.


Tickets: $5 off with the code TCG5. Performances from 11/9-11/12. Buy tickets here.



Conquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide


On the 50th Anniversary of The Ridiculous Theatrical Company and 30 years since Ludlam's death, La MaMa celebrates the artistry of Charles Ludlam. A fully produced revival of Ludlam's early masterwork Conquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide directed by Everett Quinton is the centerpiece of the Ludlam celebration. Conquest is an epic collage inspired by Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great that is as outrageous and timely today as when first performed in 1967. Presented in association with Howl Arts.


Tickets: $5 off with the code TCG5. Performances from 11/9-11/12. Buy tickets here.



The Public Theater


Office Hour, by Julia Cho

Tiny Beautiful Things, based on the book by Cheryl Strayed, adapted by Nia Vardalos



Playwright Julia Cho (Durango, The Language Archive) returns to The Public with Office Hour, a taut new drama about a teacher and student desperate to change the narrative of who they are and how their story ends. Gina was warned that one of her students would be a problem. Eighteen years old and strikingly odd, Dennis writes violently obscene work clearly intended to unsettle those around him. Determined to know whether he’s a real threat, Gina compels Dennis to attend her office hours. But as the clock ticks down, Gina realizes that “good” versus “bad” is nothing more than a convenient illusion, and that the isolated young student in her office has learned one thing above all else: that for the powerless, the ability to terrify others is powerful indeed. Neel Keller (The Nether, Forever) directs this inventive, penetrating new drama about a single day that could end in tragedy or hope -- and the endless possibilities in between.


Tickets: Member price (and no additional fees) using the code TCGPUB17. Performances 11/10-11/12. Buy tickets here.


Following its critically-acclaimed and sold-out run last season, the uplifting and richly funny TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS returns to The Public’s larger Newman Theater with Academy Award-nominee Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) reprising the role of Sugar. Based on the best-selling book by author Cheryl Strayed (Wild), the play TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS was praised by The New York Times as “an ideal catharsis” and “handkerchief-soaking meditation on pain, loss, hope & forgiveness.” Thousands of people wrote letters asking for advice from an anonymous online columnist named Sugar, who drew from her own life experiences to answer in a candid, often brutally honest exchange. It was later revealed that Sugar was Cheryl Strayed. Vardalos adapts the book, weaving together the real letters to explore the monstrous beauty, unfathomable dark and glimmering light which are at the heart of being human. Tony Award winner Thomas Kail (Dry Powder, Hamilton) directs this “incredibly moving” (Time Out) play about reaching when you’re stuck, healing when you’re broken and finding the courage to take on the questions which have no answer.


Tickets: Member price (and no additional fees) using the code TCGPUB17. Performances 11/10-11/12. Buy tickets here.


photo by Darcy Dempster, GBPAC, 2017


The Sheen Center presents

Tectonic Theater Project's NY Premiere of

Uncommon Sense

Mainspring Arts Cooperative, Executive Producer


The company that created The Laramie Project returns to New York with Uncommon Sense, a new play about autism heralded as "funny, tragic, important, and gorgeous." Meet Moose, Dan, Jess, and Lali, four people on the spectrum, and discover the remarkable ways they and their families conquer challenges through humor, determination and love. Uncommon Sense embraces all audiences, from those finally seeing their experiences reflected on the stage, to those peering into the autism world for the very first time. 


Tickets: $30 with code TCGFRIEND. Performances 11/9-11/12. Buy tickets <a



Theatre for a New Audience


Marcel and The Art of Laughter

A Double Bill: a Pair of Comic One-Acts


Marcel, created by and featuring Jos Houben and Marcello Magni

A poignant two-hander about the collision of clowning and mortality. Jos Houben and Marcello Magni are comic masters playing an aging physical comedian and an inscrutable nemesis mysteriously enjoined to test him with a battery of absurd tasks.


The Art of Laughter, created by and featuring Jos Houben

A comedy about comedy, part performance and masterclass, about what makes audiences laugh. Jos Houben, dissects everyday life revealing why laughter is at the core of our humanity.


Tickets: $62 (plus applicable fees) with code TCG62. Subject to availability. Buy tickets here.


photo by Bruce Jackson


The Wooster Group

THE B-SIDE: "Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons"

A Record Album Interpretation


THE B-SIDE is inspired by performer Eric Berryman’s exploration of the LP, Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons, which features songs, blues, preaching, and toasts performed by a group of inmates in the then-segregated prison farms. The LP, recorded in 1964 by folklorist Bruce Jackson, is played live onstage and channeled by Berryman. He will be joined onstage at the Performing Garage by Jasper McGruder and Philip Moore. Berryman brought the record to The Wooster Group after seeing the company’s acclaimed production of Early Shaker Spirituals: A Record Album Interpretation, and the two took a similar approach to developing The B-Side. Kate Valk, who directed Early Shaker Spirituals, also directs the new piece; Elizabeth LeCompte is the designer.


Tickets: $5 off with code TCG17. Performances 11/10-11/12. Buy tickets here.