2017 TCG National Conference Orientation Videos

The TCG Conference is the largest annual national gathering of theatre people, and as such, it can get, well, a little overwhelming. So we’ve created a series of short videos to help you prep for your time in Portland. Click below this video for information about Conference sessions & social opportunities, a deeper dive into our At The Intersections programming arc, and some information about the ways we’re working to provide the most inclusive Conference possible.


To start us off, here is Teresa and Adrian's welcome to Portland note:



And here are Devon and Hannah with some basic info on Full Circle and Conference 2.0:



...Hannah on how to do this year's conference and a snippet about the sessions:



...Gus and Elena with an overview on the At the Intersections arc and sessions at the conference:



...Salma with brief info on Inclusion and Access at the National Conference in Portland:



and finally Devon with some pointers on how to have fun while attending the conference in Portland this year: