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2008 TCG National Conference in Denver


Theatre at the Center

Part of the National Performing Arts Convention: Taking Action


“[Theatre is] a dangerous place. You might find an idea there.”

- Lloyd Richards, Preserving the Legacy

Is theatre “at the center”? Or out on the
edge? Is there a place for theatre in the center of the national

As theatre professionals and supporters, we know that theatre is
vital to our communities, important to our education, and relevant
to our lives. We know that some of the most complicated issues we
face in our daily lives are investigated onstage, in the rehearsal
room and at the writer’s desk.

Imagine a time when communities know that they can turn to the
theatre for help understanding a complicated situation. How many
of our community members see the relevance of theatre to their daily
lives? How do theatres and artists share the power of this work
in our communities, our country and around the world? What steps
do we need to take in order to leverage the power of theatre in
visionary and vital ways?

Theatre at the Center, the 2008 TCG National Conference
at the National Performing Arts Convention, addressed these questions
and others with exceptional speakers from within and outside of
the theatre field, small group explorations of the ideas that will
take us into the future, and individual discussions that further
our connections to each other and strengthen the entire field.

During the TCG plenary sessions, we heard from Kinney Zalesne,
co-author of the book microtrends: the small forces behind tomorrow’s
big changes
about some of the emerging communities whose tastes
and lifestyles are shaping our future. Kwame Kwei-Armah, a British
playwright, actor and director whose play Elmina’s Kitchen
was the first play by a Black Briton to appear on the West End, spoke to us about national and global identity – artistic
and otherwise – and his experiences as an international, interdisciplinary
artist. And we focused on one of the biggest factors influencing
our future – the environment. Dr. Alexander E. MacDonald from
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration helped us
understand the widespread changes that may occur in the very near
future, and we saw how the next generation of theatre artists
are beginning to talk about this issue in their work, through Curious
Theatre Company’s New Voices program.

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