Portland Host Committee


Cynthia Fuhrman, Chief Operating Officer, Portland Center Stage

Sarah Horton, Managing Director, Artists Repertory Theatre


Dámaso Rodríguez, Artistic Director, Artists Repertory Theatre

Beth Lewis, Managing Director, Bag & Baggage Productions

Scott Palmer, Founding Artistic Director, Bag & Baggage Productions

Ruth Wikler-Luker, Curator and Producer, Boom Arts

Sharon Maroney, Producing Artistic Director, Broadway Rose Theater

Philip Cuomo, Producing Artistic Director, CoHo Productions

Dmae Roberts, Executive Producer, MediaRites’ Theatre Diaspora

José González, Executive Director, Milagro

Alisha Tonsic, Executive Director, Network of Ensemble Theaters

Stan Foote, Artistic Director, Oregon Childrens’ Theatre

Ross McKeen, Managing Director, Oregon Childrens’ Theatre

Craig Willis, Producing Artistic Director, Oregon Contemporary Theatre

Chris Acebo, Associate Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Mallory Pierce, Director of Marketing & Communications, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Stephen Beaudoin, Executive Director, PHAME

Beth Harper, Producing Artistic Director, Portland Actors Conservatory

Kate Bowman, Special Events Manager, Portland Center Stage

Chris Coleman, Artistic Director, Portland Center Stage

Brian Weaver, Artistic Director, Portland Playhouse

Michael Weaver, Managing Director, Portland Playhouse

Lauren Hanover, Director of Education & Community Engagement, Profile Theatre

Samantha VanDer Merwe, Founding Artistic Director, Shaking the Tree

Maureen Porter, Audience Outreach Director, Third Rail Repertory Theater

Scott Yarbrough, Artistic Director, Third Rail Repertory Theater