Global Connections

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At the core of GLOBAL CONNECTIONS is the desire to build bridges between U.S. theatre professionals and their counterparts abroad, to identify theatre professionals who will further the growth and advancement of the field, and to create opportunities for the U.S. theatre field to engage in international conversations. During Round 6 Cycle A of the program, our grantees exemplified these aspirations. Learn more about their projects below!

Emily Mendelsohn

Hills of Salt and Sugar

U.S. object theater director, Emily Mendelsohn, and Ugandan short story writer Doreen Baingana spent weeks in Kampala adapting Baingana's story about a woman's journey across Kampala to sell used clothes. This workshop helped them find shared vocabulary across discipline and culture, as they work towards a new object theatre piece that explores migration, home and memory through everyday journeys in Kampala and San Francisco.

Annalisa Dias

the earth, that is sufficient

Annalisa Dias and DeLesslin George-Warren continued their artistic exploration of the effects of global colonialism and unrestrained capitalism on all forms of life experiencing the impending signs of catastrophic climate change, in a new collaboration with Sámi Center for Contemporary Art in northern Norway. They used the residency to speak with local Sami (indigenous) communities about the already unfolding effects of climate change in their communities. This residency had two goals: 1. to create a multimedia album using found and processed sounds and visual media presented through an interactive website, and 2. to complete a crucial stage of research in contemplative arts practice leading to the production of Annalisa's full-length play, The Earth, That is Sufficient, to be produced by The Welders in 2019.


Wendy Jehlen

Conference of the Birds

Wendy Jehlen co-created The Conference of the Birds, an evening-length movement theatre work inspired by the epic poem of Farid Ud din Attar and embodying stories gathered from modern-day refugees and other migrants. Collaborating artists came together from eight countries and five continents. Commissioned by Boston Center for the Arts, created by ANIKAYA Dance Theater, funded by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Jacob's Pillow, New England Foundation for the Arts, The Boston Foundation, and the James K. Spriggs Charitable Foundation, a Fidelity Charitable donor-advised fund, and the Kates Foundation.