AMERICAN THEATRE Issue Themes and Deadlines 2020

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The global climate crisis isn’t on its way—it is already upon us, falling especially hard on the most vulnerable among us. Theatre artists, no less than any other citizens of our world, are faced with the question of how to move forward in their practices. What can they do to mitigate the effects of climate change in their own work? Can they put their art in the service of advocacy and education? This issue will explore the practical and ethical dimensions of the theatrical response to, and responsibility for, the Earth’s life-or-death struggle.
Plus full-length playscript: Heroes of the Fourth Turning by Will Arbery
January 15 January 22

February 14 February 21
May/June 2020 : PHOENIX, AZ
Full-length playscript TBA
March 16 March 23
July/August 2020 : DESIGN
Full-length playscript TBA
May 15 May 22
September 2020: TBA
Full-length playscript TBA
July 15 July 22
October 2020: SEASON PREVIEW

August 17 August 24

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