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David Rabe and Quiara Alegría Hudes Enter the Breach
From the Vietnam War to Iraq, the two playwrights have each written play trilogies about war’s effect on its fighters.

Paige Evans: Writing Signature’s Future
The late playwrights’ advocate James Houghton left behind an embarrassment of riches for his successor, but she seems quite suited to the task.

Worst-Case Scenarios: A New Canon of Military Plays
Psychological trauma is the subject of most plays about service members. Does this represent most veterans’ reality, or does it further complicate their reentry?

Bringing It All Back Home
How veterans who leave the theatre of war are finding expression in another kind of theatre.

Why T.D. Mitchell’s Female Marines Went Off-Base
In ‘Queens for a Year,’ the playwright dramatized the culture of silence around military sexual assault via five generations of warrior women.

‘Learning to Stay’ Explores a Different Side of the Military Experience
A novel-turned-play about a wife whose husband comes home from war changed will premiere at Forward Theater Company.