Featured Staff Pick

Far Away
In a world infiltrated by fear and grimness, one would have no other choice but to lose touch with their surroundings, and lose their footing. This is how I felt while reading Caryl Churchill’s Far Away, a dystopian tale that presents the world as its own enemy, eating itself from within, in which every living thing is at war with everything else.

It’s hard to believe that as a theatre professional, this is the first Caryl Churchill play I’ve ever read. But I’m glad that I chose Far Away to be my access point to her work. Because despite the bleakness of the world she creates, the need and longing for human connections seem to be crucially present and urgent, which is something that people keep losing in their real lives in the modern day world. Dark as it is, it still presents a glimmer of hope, chronicling what really matters for survival.

Salma Zohdi, communications associate

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