Featured Staff Pick

Marisol and Other Plays
I first read José Rivera’s Marisol during my sophomore year of college and was captivated by the story of Marisol Perez, a woman surrounded by constantly shifting realities; as soon as she began to understand the game she was in, the rules changed. Time and again, I return to this play, and every time my perception shifts as the play becomes a comedy, a tragedy, a political commentary, a love story, a thriller, or a fantasy; in truth, all three plays in this volume impossibly capture each of these genres at once. Marisol, Each Day Dies with Sleep, and Cloud Tectonics share surreal worlds that rebel against their very inhabitants as the moon disappears, coffee becomes extinct, hurricanes wrack the planet, the sun sets in the south, and people exist outside of the constraints of time. Despite the endless destruction in Marisol and Other Plays, Rivera’s heroines are a source of redemption and strength: “It’s the first day of a new history…What light. What possibilities. What hope.” Rivera’s gift for finding the poetry in horror, the violence in beauty, and the fantastic in the mundane is unparalleled.

Cameron Gillespie, TCG Books intern (former)

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