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References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot and Other Plays
I’ve been trying to write a good poem about the moon since my hormones kicked in and I discovered black eyeliner. It wasn’t until college, when my playwriting teacher introduced me to José Rivera’s References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, that I realized my efforts were in vain. From the opening words of the prologue, I found myself face-planted into the heart and soul of Gabriela, a young woman lost in the romance of her moonlit daydreams. Rivera’s moon is left self-conscious after Shakespeare called him inconstant, but that doesn’t stop him from coming to give Gabriela a taste of the more celestial things in life. What unfolds thereafter is a story of love, sex, haunting, and the need for connection that transcends the physical. This piece entered my life and invaded my mind in a way no other piece of writing has, and it continues to inspire me both creatively and personally. I fully recommend this book of plays and poetry for anyone who doesn’t mind a powerful surge of goose bumps that are sure to accompany the breaking and mending of their heart with each turn of the page.

Emma Jeszke, editorial associate

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