Featured Staff Pick

Viewpoints Book, The
In the summer of 2001, entering senior year, I stayed on Skidmore’s campus to study with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company at their summer intensive. I can’t begin to describe what a significant impact those weeks had on me. I took copious notes in an attempt to absorb absolutely everything about the experience. I scribbled in class and seminar; I wanted to remember it all. From that summer on I took my tattered notebook to every new production I was working on and to every subsequent rehearsal. When TCG announced we were publishing The Viewpoints Book, I thought, “THANK GOODNESS!” When I saw how thoughtful the design of the book was, I quickly retired my notebook to the bookshelf and replaced it with the much easier-to-travel paperback. This book is filled with exercises and notions that inspire creativity in directing, design, ensemble building and your being. It simply articulates what Viewpoints are, how they are used in rehearsal and noticed in life. It also has some great quotes, music suggestions, helpful mantras and is good for the imagination. If you’re curious about Viewpoints and have no previous experience it is easy to follow and well worth the read. Thank you Anne Bogart, Tina Landau, and TCG for putting in writing the book I wanted for so long.

Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly, associate director of membership

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