Featured Staff Pick

Spider Speculations
I pick up the phone, expecting a typical customer call, and hear instead the voice of Jo Carson. She’s calling to send copies of Spider Speculations to a friend. Her hearing isn’t good, so I decide not to say how much her book means to me. I don’t tell her that I’ve adopted her theories on story-telling—from “passages past dragons” to “knocks of the spirit”—into my own work. I don’t mention that her ideas on physics and neuroscience made theatre seem limitless again. I don’t thank her for reminding me that plays can quite literally heal: our myths, our communities, our selves. Such things are better said face to face, I think, and the theatre world is small enough that we’ll surely meet. So, when she died in 2011, I felt as if I’d lost a friend I’d never met (you may feel that way, too, when you finish the book). And yet, if there is a single theme in her wide-ranging inquiry into theatre and the universe, it is this: We are connected in ways beyond the well-worn paths of time and space. So it may be that some essential part of her can hear me when I call out thank you. Thank you.

Gus Schulenburg, director of communications & community engagement

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