Featured Staff Pick

Plays From the Boom Box Galaxy
I must confess, I was new to the world of hip-hop theatre. When the opportunity to write a Staff Pick arrived, I perused the online shelves of TCG’s catalog and made a list of plays I wanted to explore. Plays from the Boom Box Galaxy was a title I couldn’t resist! This collection of nine plays is a fusion of storytelling, innovation, and wisdom laid down over a melodic hip-hop beat, which explodes off the page. With every play you can feel and hear the rhythm and will be engrossed by the provocative tales, dexterity of words, and truth of these artists. August Wilson, when asked about his views on hip-hop music said, “You have to listen, and a lot of us are unwilling to stop and listen.” I hope that this book will not only make you listen, but dance, laugh, rejoice, react, and possibly…change the world.

Ashley S. Baker, research, policy and collective action intern (former)

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