Featured Staff Pick

Of the many Latinos currently working in the American theatre, there are few artists that carry on the proud tradition of Chicano theatre with as much reverence and irreverence as Culture Clash. Born out of the struggle for racial and class equality that spurred Luis Valdez to create Teatro Campesino a generation earlier, Culture Clash proudly holds aloft the banner of self-deprecating, politically-charged humor utilizing larger-than-life stereotypes and caricatures to address its cultural and political reality, a technique that defined the roots of the Chicano theatre movement. Oh, Wild West! contains the plays that introduced me to the group, and are therefore the ones I love the most. Pick it up and you’ll discover why Culture Clash made this Tejano playwright, who loved Zorro as a kid, owns way too much Dodger regalia and has barely set foot in East L.A., second guess himself while laughing the whole time.

J.P. Smith, artistic and international programs associate

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