Featured Staff Pick

I first discovered Suburbia around 2000, when I was a much younger man attending a small public university in rural Louisiana. For the first time in my life, I discovered voices in the theatre that spoke like me, had the same concerns I had and addressed the questions that I had for me and mine: the part of my generation that grew up listening to Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Tool like they were life-saving antidepressants. In Jeff, Tim, Buff, Sooze, Pony and Bebe, I saw and heard Amber, Brady, Casey, Geoff and, of course, myself. In an art form filled to the brim with tragic Shakespearian kings and spandex-clad singing cats, discovering Suburbia was a special moment for me, and one that made me think that someday my voice might be heard as well.

I was so moved by this play that I boldly took it upon myself to email the playwright and ask him how I could become a great writer like him. To my amazement and delight, he wrote back. Among the things he wrote to me, one in particular stuck with me, and I still do it. If you ever read this, Mr. Bogosian, I still like to record myself reading my work. Thank you for a great play.

J.P. Smith, artistic and international programs associate

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