Featured Staff Pick

Coram Boy
I saw the Broadway production completely by chance, and there were many performance elements I enjoyed: the theatricality and production elements stood out and inspired; women played boys; there was a staged underwater scene, a Handel chorus and rubber dirt. Nearly six years later, I wanted to read the text for the story, the themes and the words, of which I had forgotten the syllables but still remembered their essence.

What sticks with me the most in the reading is the multi-tiers of visible cruelty and class/wealth: Condemn the poor baby-murder, but what about the rich rapist? (This is especially interesting considering that these themes come up again and again in current events and in our culture.) Also, the sacrifice for loved ones and personal sacrifices for our own forgiveness and redemption: The themes of finding/creating family, discovering one’s path and redemption are all highly relatable to my own life and my own struggles. I can only hope my story will have its own happy ending like Coram Boy.

Carissa Cordes, circulations coordinator

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