Featured Staff Pick

In the Wake
This was one of the first shows I saw in the city when I was fresh out of college. Everything was a bit of a whirlwind, and I remember scrambling over to the Public after picking up scripts for some rehearsal at the Astor Place FedEx, but when I saw Lisa Kron's In the Wake, it just kind of floored me. The story picks up with Ellen, a charismatic news junkie and nonprofit worker in New York, and her chosen family during the 2000 election. The Bush years unfold in that geopolitical train wreck of a way that we all remember, and all the while, Ellen’s life begins to fall apart, largely because of her own decisions. This is a play I return to because Kron does such a clever job of getting at the political through the personal (and vice versa). She shows how often the things in which we believe most strongly cast the widest blind spots, and that even with the shiniest of good intentions, we are still oh-so-capable of doing harm.

Chloe Brown, membership & marketing associate (former)

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