Featured Staff Pick

Raised in Captivity
Acceptance through absurdist realism: Nicky Silver’s play Raised in Captivity opens with Sebastian Bliss and his estranged twin sister Bernadette Dixon at their mother’s funeral, who died from an errant showerhead. We soon find that guilt taunts Sebastian as he attends therapy with Dr. MacMahon and Bernadette deals with her unhappiness and her husband, Kip’s, sudden urge to leave the stability of dentistry to become an artist creating portraits that consist of white on white on white. Sebastian finds comfort in the letters he writes to Dylan, a convicted murderer, and Bernadette in an unexpected pregnancy – and that’s only act one. Raised in Captivity is a play that throws you in the deep end and hopes you drown—in a good way. A story of sorrow, fear, and secrets, Raised in Captivity exists in a darkly brutal world Nicky Silver creates to examine life, love, and the hope of redemption. I dare you to pick it up if you are ready to jump in.

Steph Wessels, membership & marketing associate (former)

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