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Theatre Communications Group

520 8th Avenue, 24th floor
New York, NY 10018-4156
Fax # 212-609-5901

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EXECUTIVE OFFICE Teresa Eyring Executive Director 224
Kevin E. Moore Managing Director 287
Annabel Guevara Executive Assistant 237
COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Gus Schulenburg Director of Communications and Community Engagement 241
Elena Chang Associate Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 227
CONFERENCES & FIELDWIDE LEARNING Devon Berkshire Director of Conferences and Fieldwide Learning 288
Natalie Stringer Interim Conferences Associate 270
MEMBERSHIP & MARKETING Jennifer Cleary Director of Membership & Marketing 222
Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly Associate Director of Membership 249
Carissa Cordes Circulation Coordinator 233
Chloe Brown Membership & Marketing Associate 256
Stephanie Wessels Membership & Marketing Associate 253
Anna Troiano Marketing Associate 213
Craig Stekeur Membership Associate 260
DEVELOPMENT Joyce Friedmann Chief Development Officer 223
Meredith Cappel Individual Giving Officer 231
Meredith Suttles Institutional Giving Officer 210
Allison Whitehall Development Manager 225
FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Robin Schlinger Chief Financial Officer 234
Danelsi De La Cruz Accountant 259
Jenny Lam Accountant 251
Jaime Martinez-Rivera Operations Manager 212
Joe Cucchiara Director of Information Technology and Web Services 235
RESEARCH, POLICY & COLLECTIVE ACTION Laurie Baskin Director of Research, Policy & Collective Action 228
Ilana Rose Associate Director of Research & Collective Action 257
Maurice Decaul Artist-in-Residence, Veterans and Theatre Institute 283
Gregory Cooper Education & Collective Action Associate 275
ARTISTIC & INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Emilya Cachapero Director of Artistic Programs,
Director, International Theatre Institute/U.S.
Kevin Bitterman Associate Director of Artistic & International Programs 230
Michael Francis Senior Artistic Programs Associate 252
Jessica Lewis Artistic & International Programs Associate 214
JP Smith Artistic & International Programs Associate 269
PUBLISHING Terence Nemeth Publisher 239
Erin Salvi Publications Associate 217
Kathy Sova Editorial Director, TCG Books; Playscript Director, American Theatre 243
Emma Jeszke Associate Editor 268
Carol Van Keuren Director of Advertising 240
Marcus Gualberto Advertising Manager 267
Donna Villella Advertising Assistant 258
Kitty Suen Creative Director 250
Monet Cogbill Associate Art Director 221
AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE Rob Weinert-Kendt Editor in Chief, American Theatre 216
Suzy Evans Senior Editor, American Theatre 219
Russell M. Dembin Production Editor, American Theatre 285
Diep Tran Associate Editor, American Theatre 245
Allison Considine Editorial Assistant, American Theatre 286
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