Become a Blue Star Theatre!

This program is available to TCG Member Theatres. Learn how to become a Member here.

Requirements to participate:

1) Determine what your theatre is able to offer military personnel and their families.
2) Build a new webpage on your theatre's website for a military audience, listing program and ticket offerings to military families.
3) Provide TCG with the link to this page - please contact Laurie Baskin at or (212) 609-5900 x 228.
4) Sign this agreement with TCG and fax to Laurie Baskin at 212-609-5901.

Include the following elements on your new webpage:

1) The Blue Star Theatres Logo at the top of the page
2) A welcome statement
3) Information regarding your ticket offerings
4) Information regarding your program offerings
5) The following logos placed at the bottom of the page (download the logos below):
      Blue Star Families, MetLife Foundation, Theatre Communications Group
6) The following credit line placed at the bottom of the page:
     "Blue Star Theatres is a program of Blue Star Families and Theatre Communications Group,
      with support from the MetLife Foundation."

Here is a sample Blue Star Theatres webpage:

To download files:

PC: click to open then either navigate to FILE then SAVE AS or simply right mouse click on image and select SAVE AS.

MAC: click to open then choose Option and click to download or use the browser to save the file.