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Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue

Melding a poetic dreamscape

with a stream-of-consciousness

narrative, this Pulitzer Prize finalist

lyrically traces the legacy of war

on a single Puerto Rican family.

The first installment in Hudes’

Elliot Trilogy.

978-1-55936-452-2 $28.00 Hardcover

978-1-55936-437-9 $13.95 Paperback

Water by the Spoonful

2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner

for Drama

A solider returns from Iraq and

struggles to find his place in the

world, while somewhere in a chat

room, recovering addicts forge an

unbreakable bond. The boundaries

of family and friendship stretch

across time and cyberspace in this

second installment of Hudes’

Elliot Trilogy


978-1-55936-439-3 $28.00 Hardcover

978-1-55936-438-6 $14.95 Paperback



A nuanced and hilarious new

comedy about an American

businessman who visits China, only

to discover how much he doesn’t



explores the

challenges of doing business in a

culture whose language and ways

of communicating are worlds

apart from our own. “Shrewd,

timely and razor-sharp comedy.”

Chicago Sun-Times

978-1-55936-410-2 $14.95

Flower Drum Song

Book by David Henry Hwang

Music by Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

One of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s

most compelling love stories

is re-made enchantingly in

a new adaptation.

978-1-55936-222-1 $12.95

Golden Child

978-1-55936-158-3 $13.95

Trying to Find Chinatown The Selected Plays of David Henry Hwang

Throughout his career,

David Henry Hwang has

explored the complexities of

forging Eastern and Western

cultures in contemporary America.




The Dance and

the Railroad


Family Devotions


The Sound of a Voice


The House

of Sleeping Beauties


The Voyage




Trying to

Find Chinatown


978-1-55936-172-9 $16.95

Yellow Face

Introduction by Frank Rich

In this mock-documentary play,

David Henry Hwang puts himself

center stage, as he uses the

controversy over color-blind casting


Miss Saigon

and the racially

motivated federal investigation

of his own father to explore Asian

identity and the ever-changing

definition of what it is to be

an American. A finalist for the

Pulitzer Prize.

978-1-55936-340-2 $13.95


Peer Gynt

Translated by

Gerry Bamman and

Irene B. Berman

Adhering to the verse format

of the original, this uncut,

contemporary translation restores

the humor so often lacking in

English-language editions.

978-1-55936-045-6 $12.95


Sleep Deprivation Chamber

Adrienne Kennedy and

Adam Kennedy

Adrienne Kennedy and her son

Adam have created a gripping

examination of the conflicting

realities of the black experience

in America.

978-1-55936-126-2 $14.95


Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise

Also includes:

Christmas on Mars


The Vampires


Slacks and Tops




978-1-55936-037-1 $24.95 Hardcover

978-1-55936-036-4 $13.95 Paperback


Through the Leaves and Other Plays

Translated by Roger Downey

“The most fascinating of

contemporary West German

playwrights. In Roger Downey’s

pungent English translation,

Through the Leaves

sticks like

a splinter in the mind.”

New York Times

Also includes:

The Nest


Mensch Meier


978-1-55936-044-9 $24.95 Hardcover


2.5 Minute Ride and 101 Humiliating Stories

“Remarkable. Puts Lisa Kron on a

level with sterling monologists such

as Spalding Gray, autobiographers

who combine novelistic complexity

with stage-smart impudence.”

New York Times

978-1-55936-181-1 $12.95

In the Wake

This tale of heartache and hope

unfolds amidst the turmoil of

American politics in the 21st century.

Following the contentious 2000

election, Ellen hosts Thanksgiving

in her cramped New York

apartment. But an unexpected

encounter suggests that our ideas

about America—and ourselves—are

not as fixed as they once seemed.

978-1-55936-388-4 $14.95


This work from the acclaimed

writer/performer Lisa Kron is all

about her mother. It explores the

dynamics of health, family and

community through the story of

her mother’s extraordinary ability

to heal a changing neighborhood,

despite her inability to heal herself.

978-1-55936-253-5 $12.95


Angels in America A Gay Fantasia on National Themes Revised and Complete Edition

1993 Pulitzer Prize Winner

for Drama

This new edition of Tony Kushner’s

masterpiece is published with the

author’s recent changes and a new

introduction. One of the most

honored American plays in history,

Angels in America

was awarded

two Tony Awards for Best Play,

the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and

was made into an Emmy Award-

winning HBO film directed by Mike

Nichols. This two-part epic has

received hundreds of performances

worldwide in over 26 languages.

978-1-55936-395-2 $35.00 Hardcover

978-1-55936-384-6 $16.95 Paperback

A Bright Room Called Day

A powerful portrayal of individual

resolution, irresolution and

dissolution in the face of political

catastrophe in 1930s Berlin,

as well as the morally outraged

outpourings of a contemporary

New York woman.

978-1-55936-078-4 $14.95

Caroline, or Change

Book and Lyrics by Tony Kushner

Music by Jeanine Tesori

Louisiana, 1963: A nation reeling

from the burgeoning Civil Rights

Movement and the Kennedy

assassination. Caroline, a black maid,

and Noah, the son of the Jewish

family she works for, struggle to

find an identity for their friendship.

Through their intimate story, this

beautiful new musical portrays the

changing rhythms of a nation.

“A highpoint in my theatre-going

experience. Simple and profound,

ravishing and revolutionary.”

—John Lahr,

The New Yorker

978-1-55936-248-1 $14.95