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Another Telepathic Thing

Big Dance Theater

Two companion pieces from

Kristen Kosmas, Combining

illicitly recorded audition tapes

with Mark Twain’s spooky parable,

The Mysterious Stranger



Telepathic Thing

exemplifies Big

Dance Theater’s ability to find

the resonances between far-flung

artifacts of human action and

memory. The script is supplemented

by interviews with company

co-directors Paul Lazar and

Annie-B Parson.

978-0-9897393-0-6 $20.00

Another Tree Dance and other writings

Karinne Keithley Syers

Another Tree Dance

is a poet’s essay,

an essay for a room, for the mouth,

the hand, the ear, a philosophy

housed not in concepts but in

sentences, storyboards, gestures,

slides, songs, visible and invisible

things. With additional essays

on performance.

978-0-9857577-8-6 $16.00

Life and Times: Episdoe 4.5

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s epic

Life and Times

series continues with

Episode 4.5

(high school chemistry,

more cats). Nature Theater of

Oklahoma presented this episode

as a drawn animation, so in keeping

with the spirit of the live event,

53rd State Press is publishing the

drawings from


alongside the

text, in the form of a coloring book.

978-0-9897393-2-0 $12.00

Neil Medlyn’s Pop Star Series Book

Neil Medlyn

Neal Medlyn created a series of

seven shows built around the music,

lives, and personas of seven pop

stars, ranging from Lionel Richie

to Miley Cyrus to Insane Clown

Posse to Michael Jackson, into a

grand fairy tale of stardom, epic

attempts, slippery narration, hope,

and conflict, pulling from a wide

range of intuitively related sources.

Includes performance images.

978-0-9897393-3-7 $30.00

Seagull (Thinking of You) with Family and Away Uniform

Tina Satter

This is the first collection of plays

by OBIE award winning Tina Satter,

described as a “rising experimental

star” by the

New York Times



(Thinking of You)

is a personal

look at performance, failure and

attempted love—ultimately an

unexpected meditation on why we

ever try to say something out loud.

This volume includes the plays

Family and Away Uniform.

978-0-9857577-7-9 $16.00

There There

Kristen Kosmas

A a wildly unpredictable text about

being the completely wrong person

in the totally wrong place at the

exact wrong time doing all the most

wrong things, written by one of

theater’s great poets of failure and

surprise. Christopher Walken, on

tour in Russia, mysteriously falls off

the ladder and is unable to perform.

Karen, who apparently proofread

the script once, is asked to go on

in Walken’s place. A precarious

bilingual performance duet ensues

between Karen and her Russian

interpreter, Leo. This volume

includes both the Russian and

the English text.

978-0-9857577-9-3 $16.00