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The British Beat Explosion Rock ‘N’ Roll Island

Edited by JC Wheatley

The undiscovered gem of the UK

Beat scene, West London’s Eel Pie

Hotel, is unearthed here. This great

‘60s club played host to acts that

would later make a global name for

themselves: The Rolling Stones,

The Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie,

The Kinks, and many others.

This book traces the origins of a

scene long overdue for recognition.

978-1-906582-47-0 $22.95


Celluloid Ceiling Women Film Directors Breaking Through

Edited by Gabrielle Kelly and

Cheryl Robson

Highlighting rising women directors

alongside ground-breaking pioneers,

this is a one-stop guide to the

leading women film directors in

the 21st century, and those who

inspired them. This collection of

essays, by an impressive array of

international writers, examines the

progress of women film directors

around the world, and arrives at

some surprising conclusions.

978-0-9566329-0-6 $34.95

The Collector of Tears and Other Monologues

Sean Burn

Unable to age until she has cried,

Tanya must collect the tears

of others in glass bottles down

through the centuries and through

her stories, bear witness to the pain

and suffering of the people. Tanya

is an outcast, hunted by those who

misunderstand her until the day

comes when she finally stands up

to be counted.

978-1-906582-91-3 $20.95

Durban Dialogues, Indian Voice Five South African Plays

Ashwin Singh

An anthology of five engaging

and eclectic South African plays

that reflect on the complexities

and contradictions of life in post-

Apartheid South Africa, and focus

particularly on people of Indian

origin and their relationship with

other South African communities.

978-1-906582-42-5 $34.95

The Evolutionist

Avi Sirlin

In 1852, Alfred Wallace, a brilliant

young collector of scientific

specimens, pursues his pioneering

fieldwork in the Malay archipelago,

crystallizing his ideas about

evolutionary theory—for which

he will never be credited. This

fascinating historical novel explores

a key thinker on evolution and

raises important questions about

a neglected scientific figure.

978-1-906582-53-1 $22.95 Fiction

Four Short Plays for Young People

Rachel Barnett

With contemporary themes and

a wide variety of roles, this is a

collection which enables young

people to engage with serious

topics while enjoying all the fun

of performance. Includes the plays



Laughing Out Loud







Three Shoes





978-1-906582-95-1 $28.95

From Docks to Desktops

Simon Startin

Surrey Docks in southeast London

was once a thriving commercial hub.

But with the decline of the docks in

the 1970s, factories closed down or

relocated, work patterns changed,

and redevelopment began. Created

from dozens of personal testimonies,

this play is the story of urban change

and renewal in one community.

978-1-906582-54-8 $20.95

From the Mouths of Mothers

Amanda Stuart


A powerful and devastating verbatim

play, created from the testimonies of

seven mothers whose children were

sexually abused. These harrowing

stories depict a society in denial,

a system ill-equipped to help, and

these women’s ongoing struggle to

access medical and social services for

their families as well as justice from

the courts.

978-1-906582-99-9 $20.95

Hard Times

Charles Way

Adapted from Charles Dickens

Hard Times

celebrates the

importance of the human heart in

an age obsessed with materialism.

Circus, music, and dark comedy

abound in this Dickensian

theatrical tale.

978-1-906582-48-7 $20.95