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The Leipzig Affair

Fiona Rintoul

A tale of personal and political

betrayal, set in 1980s communist

East Germany. When Robert

travels from St. Andrews to

Leipzig University on a student

exchange and falls in love with

Magda, an enigmatic linguist with

a hidden agenda, he enters a world

he doesn’t understand. Winner

of the Virginia Prize for Fiction.

978-1-906582-97-5 $20.95 Fiction

New Plays for Young People

Charles Way



, a modern take


Hansel and Gretel




, about a six-year-old German

Evacuee at the end of World War II;



, which was nominated

for a Helen Hayes Award for

Outstanding New Play.

978-1-906582-51-7 $34.95

The Physician of Sanlúcar

Jonathan Falla

An intense, graphic and quietly

violent psychological novel about

exile and redemption, set in

Patagonia circa 1915. This latest

novel from multi-award-winning

author Jonathan Falla brings to

mind the fiction of Joseph Conrad

and Graham Greene.

978-1-906582-38-8 $20.95 Fiction

Plays for Today By Women

Edited by Cheryl Robson


Yours Abundantly

by Gillian Plowman;

From the

Mouths of Mothers

by Amanda

Stuart Fisher;

Welcome to Ramallah

by Sonja Linden;

River of Fire


Rukhsana Ahmad;

Making Capital

by Clare Bayley; and



Caroline Hume.

978-1-906582-11-1 $28.95

Project XXX

Kim Wiltshire and Paul Hine

During a rainy summer, feminist

teen blogger Amy resolves to show

that sexual choice is firmly in the

hands of women, by persuading

new love interest Callum to film her

first time. A dark romantic comedy

about the increasing influence of

pornography, developed through

a two-year workshop series with

young people.

978-1-906582-55-5 $20.95

Provence People, Places, Food: A Cultural Guide

Martin N. Gilbert

Edited by Cheryl Robson

An essential guide for any culture-

conscious traveler heading to

Provence, full of color photographs

and authentic local recipes. Learn

about the extraordinary range of

people who have found inspiration

in the mountains, valleys, rocky

coves and verdant islands.

978-1-906582-33-3 $22.95 Travel

Color Photographs Throughout

The River’s Song

Suchen Christine Lim

Set in 1970s Singapore,

The River’s


reveals the untold story of the

squatters, boatmen and hawkers who

resisted eviction from the Singapore

River during a massive clean-up

operation that threatened to wash

away the vibrancy of traditional

culture and many livelihoods

along the river.

978-1-906582-98-2 $22.95 Fiction

Tracks Racing the Sun

Sandro Martini

An epic historical novel about the

birth of motor racing, based on

the true story of rivalry between

champions. Motor-racing heroes

of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

battle on switchback roads in this

thrilling tail of triumphs

and disasters.

978-1-906582-43-2 $22.95 Fiction

The Trouble with Asian Men

Sudha Bhuchar,

Kristine Landon-Smith and

Louise Wallinger

Self-made entrepreneurs, pukka

professionals and high-powered

executives: successful, soulful and

spirited Asian men have come a

long way from their origins, but

they’ve all got roots! A vital, tender

and hilarious insight into lives that

surround us everyday

978-1-906582-41-8 $20.95 Fiction

Women of Asia

Asa Palomera

A new play about sex trade,

human trafficking and modern day

slavery. Inspired by true stories

and presented through a highly

theatrical mixture of dance, comedy

and tragedy, this play explores

contemporary abuse and exploitation

of Asian women and their struggles

to obtain freedom.

978-1-906582-94-4 $18.95 Fiction