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Women in Theatre Dialogues with Notable Women in American Theatre: Series One (DVD)

Hosted by Linda Winer

Produced by the League of

Professional Theatre Women

and CUNY TV, and hosted by


theatre critic Linda Winer,

Women in Theatre: Dialogues with

Notable Women in American Theatre

is a unique television series that

highlights the accomplishments

of women on the American stage.

The playwrights, directors,

designers, producers and

performers interviewed on the

programs encompass generational,

disciplinary and ethnic diversity;

they share their thoughts and

vision, their career paths and

professional choices. From the

52 interviews that comprise

the first four years of this series,

the producers have selected 13

for the introductory set of DVDs


Women in Theatre

, affording to

a wider audience a unique look

into the lives of some of the gifted

women who create and sustain

theatre in the United States.

Interviews include: Suzan-Lori

Parks, Anna Deavere Smith,

Wendy Wasserstein, Ruby Dee,

Rosemary Harris, Audra McDonald,

Elizabeth McCann, Carey Perloff,

Heidi Ettinger, Julie Taymor,

Jennifer Tipton and Graciela

Daniele, and a panel with

Martha Lavey, Lois Smith and

Joan Allen from Chicago’s

Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


three DVD set $48.99

Broadway Revealed Behind the Theater Curtain

Photographs by Stephen Joseph

What happens behind the

scenes of a Broadway production?

Broadway Revealed

shines the

limelight on the men and women

who make it all happen. This

book showcases photographer

Stephen Joseph’s sweeping

panorama images of studios,

designers, and workshops,

revealing the process and

complexity of creating theater.

Directors, set designers, lighting

designers, sound designers,

costume designers, props artisans,

tailors, milliners, wigmakers and

more are depicted alongside their

work and workspaces in these

stunning full-color images.

978-0-9905694-9-7 $29.95

Color Photographs

Chance Magazine: Issue 3 Couture/Stage


Issue 3: Couture/Stage

, the


editorial team traveled

to Europe for fresh shoots of

the work of Eiko Ishioka and

Rudolf Nureyev. They developed

beautiful portfolios on the work

of Simon Doonan, Ming Cho Lee

and Mark Wendland. More

comprehensively, they look at

the career of Kenneth Collins

of Temporary Distortion, while

Charles Renfro gives fresh insights

into DSR’s redesign of Lincoln

Center. Then they head off the

grid, downtown, for performance

shoots of Company ZIV and

The Mad Ones.

978-0-9905694-0-4 $29.95

Color Photographs

Chance Magazine: Issue 4 Unbound


Issue 4: Unbound

, new spaces

mean new ideas, and the

reactivation of theatre as a literary

contact sport.

Chance 4


Kathryn Hamilton’s



; the


and Virginie Gervaise;


Chekhov Project

at Lake Lucille;

Rita Ryack’s

Casa Valentina


Tim Etchells’ and Hugo


Empty Stages


James Thompson’s work

in the Democratic Republic

of the Congo; Sandrine Philippe’s

stage-ready couture; design

legend Eugene Lee’s library;

the Toneelgroep’s scenographer

Jan Versweyveld and video

designer Tal Yarden; Hugh

Hardy’s new buildings for LCT3

and TFANA; Kristen Robinson’s

broken space for


; and Jeff

Hinchee’s paper theatre kit.

978-0-9905694-1-1 $29.95

Color Photographs




is a photography magazine and serialized art book that looks at the world through the lens of theater

and design. A calm, noise-free place to engage with the aesthetics of design in detail,


integrates all

of the arts, material and non-material, into a single space where the poetry of human thought can expand our

desire for a more provocative and lifted engagement with design.

The team at


produces an original photo shoot of nearly every production they cover, and believe that

a more thorough glimpse into the world of design can change the way people think and write about the theater

and the artists who create for it. Started in 2012 by a group of designers, writers and artists,


is more

than a magazine. As a thoroughly stylized and high-quality publication,


is an immersive, image-rich,

serialized art-book on contemporary events in performance and design that comprehensively redefines

the relationship between theater and print.