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The James Plays

Rona Munro

An epic exploration of the history

and shaping of Scotland, from one

of the country’s most successful

playwrights. This vividly imagined

trilogy depicts three generations

of Stewart kings who ruled Scotland

in the tumultuous fifteenth century.

Each play stands as a unique

vision of a country tussling with

its past and future; together,

they form a complex narrative

on Scottish nationhood.

978-1-84842-420-3 $26.95

Journal of the Plague Year

Max Stafford-Clark

A truthful, personal and insightful

exploration of the state of arts

funding and carrying on in the

face of adversity, by the renowned

founder of Out of Joint. By

turns funny, alarming and deeply


Journal of the Plague


offers a fascinating exposé of

the often Kafkaesque workings of

arts subsidy in England, and the

financial and artistic maneuverings

which are a fact of life for every arts

organization today.

978-1-84842-179-0 $26.95

Jumpers for Goalposts

Tom Wells

A hilarious and poignant new

comedy about football, friendship

and finding your way. Luke wants

Danny, but Danny’s got a secret.

Joe’s happy in goal but Geoff wants

a headline gig. Viv just wants to

beat the lesbians to the league title.

Game on.

978-1-84842-326-8 $20.95

King Charles III

Mike Bartlett

Mike Bartlett’s controversial

‘future history play’ explores the

people beneath the crowns, the

unwritten rules of democracy, and

the conscience of Britain’s most

famous family. Queen Elizabeth II

is dead. After a lifetime of waiting,

her son ascends the throne. A

future of power. But how to rule?

King Charles III

premiered at the

Almeida Theatre to rapturous

(and scandalized) reviews, before

transferring to London’s West End.

978-1-84842-441-8 $20.95

Let the Right One In

John Ajvide Lindqvist

Adapted by Jack Thorne

A dark and visceral coming-of-

age vampire love story, based on

the acclaimed novel and film.

This “ravishing little romance of

the undead that’s guaranteed to

warm—and break—your heart, even

as it chills your blood” (

New York


) has been seen at the National

Theatre of Scotland, London’s Royal

Court Theatre and West End, and

St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York.

978-1-84842-374-9 $20.95

Little Revolution

Alecky Blythe

An explosive verbatim play about

the 2011 London Riots, by the

author of the award-winning

London Road. From the helicopters

circling overhead to the burnt-

out buildings on the street,



records the voices and

stories of a community from when

the riots happened up to their

present-day aftermath.

978-1-84842-432-6 $20.95

The Machine Gunners

Robert Westall

Adapted by Ali Taylor

A thrilling stage adaptation of the

beloved, award-winning children’s

novel. It’s 1940 and Britain is at war.

Amidst bombs and air raids, a group

of boys discover friendship, test

loyalty, and court adventure.

978-1-84842-314-5 $20.95

Making Theatre The Frazzled Drama Teacher’s Guide to Devising

Joss Bennathan

An inspiring, practical handbook

for anyone working with young

people to devise theatre. Provides a

framework for a stress-free process

that will help students to realize

their full creative potential.

978-1-84842-305-3 $30.95

Meisner in Practice A Guide for Actors, Directors and Teachers

Nick Moseley

Meisner in Practice

offers actors a

step-by-step introduction to the

salient features of the technique,

and puts these to the test through

a succession of increasingly

challenging practical exercises.

The book also addresses pitfalls

and problems that the author has

encountered over many years of

teaching Meisner in drama schools.

978-1-84842-087-8 $26.95