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A Master Builder

Henrik Ibsen

Translated and Adapted by

Wallace Shawn

This translation and adaptation

of Henrik Ibsen’s

Master Builder


by Wallace Shawn, a writer

known for his own bleakly hilarious

and provocative plays, was used by

legendary director André Gregory

during fifteen years of work on

a theatrical production which,

instead of being produced as

a play, was made into a film by

Jonathan Demme.

978-1-55936-449-2 $14.95

Ming Cho Lee A Life in Design

Arnold Aronson

Lavishly illustrated with over

500 images in both color and

black and white, this book chronicles

Ming Cho Lee’s career, from his

early training as a watercolorist

in China to his designs for

over 300 productions and his

esteemed 40-year career at the

Yale School of Drama. This richly

detailed exploration of Lee’s work

demonstrates how Lee is not only

one of the most important American

designers of the twentieth century,

but one of the most significant

influences on American theatre.

978-1-55936-461-4 $75.00 Hardcover

Photographs and Illustrations

Mr. Burns and Other Plays

Anne Washburn

An ode to live theater and the

resilience of

The Simpsons

, Anne

Washburn’s apocalyptic comedy

Mr. Burns

is an imaginative

exploration of how the culture

of one generation can evolve

into the mythology of the next.

Also included in the collection are

The Small


I Have Loved Strangers




, all of which, together,

develop a theme of destruction:

from the personal to the city to

civilization and, finally, to the

destruction of form.

978-1-55936-481-2 $18.95

May 2015

The Night Alive and Other Plays

Conor McPherson

A three-play collection from one

of Ireland’s leading contemporary

playwrights. With inimitable

warmth, style, and craft,

The Night


deftly mines the humanity

to be found in the most unlikely

of situations. Also included in this

volume is

The Birds

, a suspenseful,

atmospheric adaptation of

Daphne du Maurier’s enthralling

short story, and

The Veil

, set around

a haunted house hemmed in by a

starving populace.

978-1-55936-474-4 $14.95

March 2015

The Open House

Will Eno

Acclaimed playwright Will Eno

brings his signature irreverence

to this subversive sendup of the

archetypal family drama.

The Open


won the 2014 Obie Award for

Playwriting and the 2014 Lucille

Lortel Award for Outstanding Play.

978-1-55936-498-0 $14.95

June 2015

The Quality of Mercy Reflections on Shakespeare

Peter Brook

In this sequence of essays, Peter

Brook explores such questions as the

authorship of Shakespeare’s plays,

why Shakespeare is never out of

date, how actors should approach

Shakespeare’s verse, and some of the

plays he has directed with notable

brilliance. This book offers an

illuminating and provocative insight

into a great director’s relationship

with our greatest playwright.

978-1-55936-483-6 $15.95

The Realistic Joneses

Will Eno

Meet Bob and Jennifer and their

new neighbors John and Pony,

two suburban couples with more

in common than their identical last

names. Boasting Eno’s quintessential

existential quirkiness, this new

comedy finds poetry in the banal

while humorously exploring our

ever-floundering efforts

at communication.

978-1-55936-474-4 $14.95

April 2015

The River

Jez Butterworth

A remote fishing cabin, a man and

a woman, and a moonless night.

The River

asks: when we find each

other, are we trying to recapture

someone we once lost? Tony Award

winner Hugh Jackman returned to

Broadway in this spellbinding new

play by Jez Butterworth, author of

the international hit play



978-1-55936-488-1 $13.95