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Stage Kiss

Sarah Ruhl

When estranged lovers are thrown

together as romantic leads in a

long-forgotten 1930s melodrama,

the line between offstage and

onstage begins to blur. Here,

Sarah Ruhl, one of America’s most

widely produced playwrights, brings

her unique mix of lyricism, sparkling

humor and fierce intelligence to

the world of romantic comedy.

978-1-55936-470-6 $14.95

Storefront Church

John Patrick Shanley

Concluding Shanley’s “Church and

State” trilogy of plays that began








blends earthy humor

and philosophical reflection.

This compassionate morality

tale explores the often thorny

relationship between spiritual

experience and social action.

978-1-55936-441-6 $14.95

Theater for Beginners

Richard Maxwell

With his ongoing exploration

into actor behavior and an

ever-innovative body of work,

Richard Maxwell has written a study

guide to the art of making theater.

This illuminating volume provides

a deeper understanding of his work,

aesthetic philosophy, and process

for creating theater.

“One of the strongest directors

out there—an artist committed

to making us see the world

for what it is.”

New Yorker

978-1-55936-486-7 $12.95

Title and Deed/ Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions

Will Eno

This new volume of the acclaimed

playwright’s work includes five

short plays about being alive, as well


Title and Deed

, a haunting and

severely funny solo rumination

on life as everlasting exile.

978-1-55936-465-2 $14.95

Up Against the Wall The Collected Works

Danny Hoch

Capturing the voices of a

multicultural city and a hip-hop

politic with an ironic social lens

and linguistic bravado, Danny Hoch

has given expression to language

and stories that were previously

absent from the American canon.

This unprecedented anthology


Taking Over




Hospitals & Hip-Hop


Some People


Till the Break of Dawn

; and

Up Against the Wall


978-1-55936-445-4 $17.95

June 2015

We’re Gonna Die

Young Jean Lee

Inspired by her personal experiences

with despair and loneliness, the

Obie Award-winning playwright-

provocateur and her band Future

Wife create a life-affirming show

about the one thing we all have

in common: we’re gonna die.

Each book includes a CD of all

six songs and eight monologues

performed by David Byrne,

Laurie Anderson, Adam Horowitz,

Kathleen Hanna, and others.

978-1-55936-443-0 $16.95

Includes Audio CD

May 2015

The Whale/A Bright New Boise

Samuel D. Hunter

Acclaimed for his gentle, complex

characterizations, Samuel D.

Hunter’s big-hearted and funny

plays explore the quiet desperation

running through many American


The Whale

tells the story of

a six hundred-pound shut-in’s last

chance at redemption when he

reaches out to his long-estranged

daughter. In

A Bright New Boise


a disgraced evangelical is forced

to take a minimum-wage job at

the local Hobby Lobby craft store

in an effort to reunite with his

estranged son.

978-1-55936-460-7 $15.95