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Blonde Poison

Gail Louw

A powerful play about evil, based

on the true story of a WWII Jewish

woman who betrayed 3000 fellow

Jews. Gail Louw’s play examines

the motivation of evil.

978-1-84943-415-7 $17.95

The Body of an American

Dan O’Brien

Winner, 2013 Edward M. Kennedy

Prize for Drama Inspired by

American History

Winner, 2014 Horton Foote

Prize for Outstanding

New American Play

A powerful, theatrical duologue

based on real historical events, in

a story that ranges widely in time

and place. Flying from Kabul to the

Canadian High Arctic, The Body

of an American sees two actors

jump between more than thirty

roles in an exhilarating new form

of documentary drama. It urgently

places these two men’s battles—

both public and private—against

a backdrop of some of the world’s

most iconic images of war.

978-1-78319-091-1 $17.95

The Boss of It All

Lars Von Trier

Adapted by Jack McNamara

A critically acclaimed, smart and

fast-paced comedy about faked

identities and explosive office

politics, adapted from Lars von

Trier’s cult classic film. Kristoffer,

an out-of-work actor, has been asked

to stand in as the head of an IT firm

to take the rap for the management’s

unpopular decisions. He gets more

than he bargained for.

978-1-78319-139-0 $17.95

A Boy and His Soul

Colman Domingo

Propelled by the beat of classic

soul, smooth R&B and disco, this

is the soundtrack of a boy’s coming

of age in 70s and 80s Philadelphia.

Music, family and an unforgettable

era are brought to life in this

charming solo show from acclaimed

actor-playwright Colman Domingo.

978-1-78319-058-4 $17.95

Bryden & Clark Lives in the Theatre

Words by Bill Bryden;

Photographs by Nobby Clark

With characteristic wit, British

theatre director Bill Bryden shares

his favorite memories of some the

20th century’s biggest stars of stage

and screen, including Tennessee

Williams, Arthur Miller, Laurence

Olivier and Helen Mirren.

Each is accompanied by exclusive

photographs by Nobby Clark.

The result is an intimate and

often hilarious portrait of lives in

the theatre.

978-1-78319-083-6 $34.95


The Captain of Köpenick

Carl Zuckmayer

Translated by Ron Hutchinson

A nation heads blindly towards war

as the misfit takes on the state in

Ron Hutchinson’s savagely funny

new version of Carl Zuckmayer’s

The Captain of Köpenick

, first staged

in Germany in 1931.

978-1-84943-458-4 $17.95

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Adapted by Neil Bartlett

Using only Charles Dickens’

extraordinary words and a

chameleon ensemble of actors,

Neil Bartlett’s powerful stage

versions of Dickens have gathered

wide critical acclaim. This collection


Great Expectations


A Christmas Carol

; and

Oliver Twist


978-1-78319-079-9 $30.95

Covering Shakespeare An Actor’s Saga of Near Misses and Dogged Endurance

David Weston

Esteemed actor David Weston

traces his sixty-two year association

with the Bard in this witty and

engrossing book of anecdotes,

reminiscences, and advice for young

actors. From major Shakespeare

companies to the outmost limits

of the Fringe, from Hollywood to

Hong Kong, Weston recalls all of

the productions—the great, the

mediocre, and the forgotten.

978-1-78319-064-5 $26.95