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Five Plays By The TEAM


An American collective with a

reputation for devised work

that is aggressively athletic,

intellectually relentless, and

emotionally rich, the TEAM

celebrates ten years together with

this anthology and retrospective.

Includes the plays:

Give Up! Start

Over! (In the darkest of times I look to

Richard Nixon for hope


A Thousand

Natural Shocks


Particularly in the




; and



, as well as photos and

candid reflections from the

company’s history.

978-1-78319-190-1 $30.95

The Forest and the Field

Chris Goode

The Forest and the Field

is a

polemical thinking-through of

the whole concept of theatre as a

‘space’, and a politically motivated

exploration of how, and where, that

theatrical space meets the real world

that surrounds and suffuses it.

978-1-84943-475-1 $23.95

Fosse: Plays Six

Jon Fosse

Translated by May-Brit Akerholt

Jon Fosse has been called ‘the

Beckett of the 21st century’

(Le Monde).

Fosse: Plays Six


the culmination of this Norwegian

playwright’s body of work for the

stage to be published in the English

language. The volume includes the






Over There


These Eyes


Girl in Yellow Raincoat


Christmas Tree Song




978-1-78319-086-7 $30.95

The Full Monty

Simon Beaufoy

Adapting his own BAFTA award-

winning film for the stage,

Oscar-winning screenwriter Simon

Beaufoy returns to Sheffield (where

it all started) to rediscover the men,

the women, the heartache and the

hilarity of a city on the dole.

978-1-84943-446-1 $17.95


Henrik Ibsen

Translated by Stephen Unwin

Oswald returns home from Paris to

honor his dead father. As his mother

begins to feel the presence of ghosts

from the past around her, Oswald

discovers that there is more to his

mystery illness than he first thought.

Only by uncovering the truth can

they both be set free.

978-1-78319-052-2 $17.95


George Brant

Seamlessly blending the personal

and the political, this tour-de-force

one-woman play tells the story of

a hot-rod F16 fighter pilot whose

unexpected pregnancy leads to a

job flying remote-controlled drones

from a Las Vegas trailer.


flies from the heights of lyricism to

the shallows of workaday existence,

targeting our assumptions about war,

family, and the power of storytelling.

George Brant’s powerful new

plays has been produced nearly

30 times since its 2013 premiere,

gracing stages in Scotland, London,

Australia, Sweden, and cities across

the United States.

978-1-78319-039-3 $17.95

How to Write Everything

David Quantick

The ultimate writer’s handbook,

from the award-winning writer of

Veep and other shows.

How To Write


covers journalism to

screenwriting, speeches to sketches,

sitcoms to novels, and explores every

aspect of writing: from having an

idea to getting the idea out into the

world and getting paid for it, too.

978-1-78319-103-1 $23.95

Joan Littlewood: Dreams and Realities The Official Biography

Peter Rankin

The official biography of a true

theater maverick, written by her

longtime collaborator. Drawing on

Littlewood’s personal archive,

Joan Littlewood: Dreams and Realities

observes at close hand one of the

most influential theater makers

of the twentieth century, and

her extraordinary work with her

company, Theatre Workshop.

978-1-78319-084-3 $26.95

Journey’s End The Classic War Play Explored

Robert Gore-Langton

A thorough meditation on

RC Sheriff’s 1928 play



, Britain’s most famous WWI

play. Taking in the history of

the show right up to the most

recent productions, this book is

a meditation on

Journey’s End’


achievement as a war document, its

fascination for audiences when it was

first staged and its continuing grip on

theatregoers and students today.

978-1-84943-395-2 $19.95