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Johannes Birringer

Performance, Technology and Science

This ground-breaking work of

scholarship explores interactive

performance, installation and

internet art in richly illustrated

essays on performance, dance,

architecture, fashion, games, music,

robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The work of influential artists,

theatre and dance companies

is used to show how scientific

concepts influence digital

performance globally.

978-1-55554-079-1 $24.95


Thomas Bradshaw

The Bereaved/Mary

In explosive dramatic situations

each play of Thomas Bradshaw

cracks open wider the cliches of

white and black culture around the

issues of


and sex.

978-1-55554-150-7 $14.95

Michael Chekhov

Lessons for the Professional Actor

This volume collects the brilliant

lectures which the great actor

Michael Chekhov presented at his

studio classes in New York in 1941.

Under such titles as

The Psychological



The Imagination


Continuous Acting

, the Chekhov

teaching method of psycho-physical

exercises, improvisations, scene

study and “Questions and Answers”

reveals its continued importance for

actor training today.

978-0-933826-80-9 $15.95

Jules Barbey D’Aurevilly


Translated by Douglas Ainslie

This dazzling portrait of

Beau Brommell as dandy

extraordinaire has been a classic

in the literature of the modernist

self for more than a century.

978-1-55554-035-7 $10.95



Conversations with Meredith Monk

Evolutions of the

Performance Aesthetic

Bonnie Marranca

The second of PAJ Publications’

titles to join the group of small-

sized books under the rubric

“Performance Ideas.” Celebrating

five decades of Meredith Monk’s

work, this volume of conversations

covers her entire career and working

processes, and includes reflections

on performance, Buddhism, sight,

and voice from the internationally

renowned composer, performer,

director and filmmaker.

978-1-55554-159-0 $15.00

Performance Ideas Series

newARTtheatre Evolutions of the Performance Aesthetic

Paul David Young

One of the hotly debated current

issues is the turn by visual artists

towards theatre as a way of working,

by using plays, acting and rehearsal

techniques for their art. The first

of the new “Performance Ideas”

books by PAJ, this volume includes

playwright and curator Paul David

Young in dialogue with many

crossover artists, including

Pablo Helguera, Liz Magic Laser,

David Levine, Janet Cardiff,

Alix Pearlstein, and Michael Smith,

who offer wide-ranging views on

performance, video, photography,

and sound.

978-1-55554-158-3 $14.00

Performance Ideas Series



Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Fassbinder: Plays

Translated by Denis Calandra


The Bitter Tears of Petra

van Kant; Katzelmacher; Garbage,

the City and Death; Bremen Freedom;

Blood on the Cat’s Neck


Pre-Paradise Sorry Now.

978-0-933826-82-3 $14.95

Maria Irene Fornes

Fefu and Her Friends

Following the lives of eight women

in five different environments,

this is one of the best-loved Off-

Broadway plays of recent decades.

978-1-55554-052-4 $15.95

Letters from Cuba and Other Plays

“You would be taxed to find a show

with a sweeter temper,” wrote the

New York Times

critic about


from Cuba

, which spotlights a

young dancer and her Cuban family

through their highly personal


Terra Incognita

features young Americans in a café

in Spain, musing on history and


The multimedia opera


for a Desperate Crossing

, is based on

interviews with Cuban men and

women who risked their lives in the

Florida straits.

978-1-55554-076-0 $15.95

Plays: Maria Irene Fornes


Mud, The Danube, Sarita


The Conduct of Life


978-0-933826-83-0 $15.95

Promenade and Other Plays


The Successful Life of 3,

Tango Palace, Promenade, Dr. Kheal,

A Vietnamese Wedding


Molly’s Dream


978-1-55554-014-2 $13.95

What of the Night? Selected Plays

What of the Night?

, is an epic of four

short dramas of love, sorrow, and

poverty. The volume also features

one of Fornes’s best-known works,

Abingdon Square

, and

Enter the


, in which three friends learn

the healing power of art as a form

of spiritual renewal.

Also included is the previously


The Summer

in Gossensass.

978-1-55554-080-7 $18.95

Daniel C. Gerould (Editor)

American Melodrama


The Poor of New York


Dion Boucicault;

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

by George Aiken, Harriet Beecher


Under the Gaslight


Augustin Daly and

The Girl of the

Golden West

by David Belasco.

978-0-933826-21-2 $16.95

Mel Gordon (Editor)

Lazzi The Comic Routines of the Commedia dell’Arte

This best-selling PAJ volume

presents over 250 comedy routines

used by commedia performers

in Europe from 1550 to 1750.

Includes an introduction, two

complete commedia scenarios, and

a glossary of commedia characters.

978-0-933826-69-4 $15.95

John Jesurun

Shatterhand Massacree and Other Media Texts


Shatterhand Massacree


Slight Return





978-1-55554-084-5 $17.95



Regarding Film Criticism and Comment

Kaufmann discusses films from

major established directors, works

from the iconoclastic world of

independent cinema to the best

of world cinema.

978-1-55554-070-8 $18.95

Theater Criticisms

A collection of reviews and essays

from the seventies and eighties

by one of America’s foremost

arts critics.

978-0-933826-58-8 $14.95

Bonnie Marranca

Ecologies of Theater

Essays on Gertrude Stein

landscapes, the mus/ecology of

John Cage, and Robert Wilson’s

dramaturgy as an ecology. Also

includes reflections on Spalding

Gray’s solo performances and

Rachel Rosenthal’s autobiology and

natural histories of Heiner Müller.

978-1-55554-157-6 $20.95

Performance Histories

Includes essays on Wallace Shawn,

Robert Wilson, the theatre of food,

and happenings. Conversations

with Susan Sontag, Peter Sellars,

Marianne Weems.

978-1-55554-077-7 $18.95


A collection of eighteen essays on

such artists as Maria Irene Fornes,

The Wooster Group, Meredith

Monk, Richard Foreman, Sam

Shepard, and Lillian Hellman, and

pop singers Barbra Streisand and

Judy Garland. Provocative readings

of Pirandello and Chekhov.

978-0-933826-68-7 $15.95