2013 TCG National Conference Video Archive

Opening Assembly: Innovation in Action


The opening assembly, "Innovation in Action", featured performances by Natasha Tsakos (at 27:37) and Will Power (34:18), followed by a conversation between Will, Natasha and moderator, Desdemona Chiang (42:32). The assembly also featured introductory remarks by Teresa Eyring, a welcome to Dallas from Kevin Moriarty, Artistic Director, Dallas Theater Center(6:50); and the presentation of the TCG Regional Funder Award to Rebecca Young of  The Arts Community Alliance (TACA) by Robyn Flatt, Executive Artistic Director, Dallas Children's Theater; and David Lozano, Artistic Director, Cara Mia Theatre Company (17:38).

Homeroom: Artistic Innovation, with Caridad Svich & Howard Shalwitz

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Artistic Innovation online curator Caridad Svich (at 6:35) and Artistic Innovation arc co-curator Howard Shalwitz (22:04) launch the Artistic Innovation arc with their remarks, as filmed by Vijay Mathew and livestreamed by HowlRound TV.

Learning Session: Moving the Flywheel: Practical Examples and Methods to Take Your Organization from Good to Great

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Using the foundational learning from extensive professional experience as well as frameworks like Jim Collins' seminal book Good to Great and Delivering on the Promise of Nonprofits by Jeffery L. Bradach, et, moderators Brett Crawford of Carnegie Mellon University and David Schmitz of Steppenwolf Theatre Company led a conversation with session attendees on how they can lead their organizations from good to great. The session encouraged attendees to think about their organization's work and structure in a new way, and provided attendees with examples, worksheets and resources to take back home. Filmed by Vijay Mathew and livestreamed by HowlRound TV.

Assembly: Defining a Movement: Exploring Movements of the Past, Present and Future

This session explored the following movements through the perspectives of: Adrian Hall, Regional Theatre movement (at 7:42); Laurie McCants, Ensemble Theatre movement (19:00); and Kinan Valdez, Latino in Theatres movement (33:30). These remarks were preceded by a welcome from Kevin E. Moore, and introduced and followed by a Q&A with James Bundy, Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre (43:40).

Learning Session: Blurring Boundaries: Community Participation in Professional Process

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Many theatres are practicing a form of engagement that makes a community the focus of the play. This often entails community members performing alongside professionals or under their guidance, and otherwise participating in the playmaking process. What are the implications of this way of working, on the artists and on the communities they are engaging with? A growing body of knowledge exists about professional practice with non-professional performers, as well as plays that endeavor to represent the concerns and characteristics of a place or a group. Is this kind of work the secret to authentic engagement? Featuring panelists Peter Howard, Cornerstone Theatre Company; Lisa Mount, Artistic Logistics; Hana Sharif, Emerson College; and Erin Washington, Soul Productions. Filmed by Vijay Mathew and livestreamed by HowlRound TV.

Assembly: A Conversation with Ayad Akhtar and Gabriel Greene

A conversation between Ayad Akhtar, 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama Recipient, and Gabriel Greene, the Director of New Play Development at La Jolla Playhouse at (11:11). The assembly also featured introductory remarks from Dafina McMillan; a presentation by Philip Himberg, Sundance Institute Theatre Program, of the Peter Zeisler Memorial Award to Kinan Valdez, El Teatro Campesino (1:35); and Kinan's remarks (7:05).

Latinos in Theatre: A National Movement

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A dialogue with leaders of the Latinos in Theatre movement and Latino/a Theater Commons. How has this movement gained traction and momentum over the years? What lessons are useful for the entire field? How is Latino/a theatre becoming a more central part of the American theatre? Featuring Ann Garcia-Romero, Playwright; David Lozano, Cara Mia Theatre Company; Kinan Valdez, El Teatro Campesino; Olga Sanchez, Miracle Theatre Group; and Tlaloc Rivas, University of Iowa. Filmed by Vijay Mathew and livestreamed by HowlRound TV.

Closing Assembly: Engagement Models from the Museum World

Featuring presentations from Maxwell Anderson, Eugene McDermott Director, Dallas Museum of Art (at 24:20); and Nina Simon, Executive Director, Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (47.30).
The assembly also featured introductory and closing remarks from Teresa Eyring; remarks from Texas Representative Kay Granger (1:00); a presentation by Aimée Hayes, Southern Rep, of the Visionary Leadership Award in Honor of Margo Jones to Deborah Cullinan, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (16:48); and Deborah's acceptance remarks (19:00).