Our Mission

To strengthen, nurture and promote the professional not-for-profit American theatre.

Our Vision for the Next 50 Years

A better world for theatre. A better world because of theatre. TCG will become the catalytic center of a network of theatre people building more creative, diverse and civically engaged communities through theatre. Participation in theatre will be widely recognized as a right of every individual, a necessity for every community and a uniting force nationally and internationally.
In an increasingly interconnected, non-hierarchical and resource-stressed world, TCG will be the hub of an interdependent, inclusive and sustainable theatre field. TCG will harness our digital, high-tech future to champion the value of local, high-touch human connection. Our programming and core values will ripple through the primary partnership of our Member Theatres and other partner organizations to empower all theatre people and the communities they serve.

Our Strategic Plan

Emerging from our new vision statement, TCG’s strategic plan has three areas of focus: the Audience (R)Evolution program, the Leading the Charge: Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and a renewed commitment to serving Theatre People. We’ll be harnessing all of our programs and services over the next few years to advance this work.

Audience (R)Evolution
is a multi-year program designed by TCG and funded the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to study, promote and support successful audience engagement & community development models across the country. Audience (R)Evolution has four phases: research and assessment, convenings (including the 2013 Learning Convening in Philadelphia), grant-making, and widespread dissemination of audience engagement models that work.

Leading the Charge: Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
is a multi-year, six-point plan to transform the national theatre field into a more inclusive and diverse community. These efforts are focused on racial and cultural diversity, with the understanding that steps must also be made to further diversify the field in many areas, such as gender parity.

At the heart of TCG's new vision and strategic plan is a renewed commitment to serving Theatre People. Our theatres are made up of individuals all striving to make a difference, and TCG’s mandate is to empower all practitioners.

Our Core Values


Human beings are inherently creative and are most gratified when they can approach their endeavors with a sense of excellence, skill, and craftsmanship. At TCG, we approach our own day-to-day work with artistry as a value—whether in the editing of a book or in the design of a new leadership program. We believe that the services we offer in support of our mission are fundamentally aimed at nurturing and promoting artistry throughout the theatre community—which will in turn benefit and contribute to society at large. Follow and contribute to our Artistry blog salon here.


The diversity of the theatre community—combined with its interdependence—makes it strong, healthy and robust. The theatre constituency includes a diverse community of artists, administrators, students, educators, trustees, audiences, volunteers and donors. TCG is committed to supporting the plurality of aesthetic, perspective, race, class, gender, age, mission, as well as organizational size and structure.  Follow and contribute to our Diversity & Inclusion blog salon here.


Theatre has the power to shape and challenge ideas, inspire civic engagement, and ultimately change the world. Activism in communities across the nation led to the successful building of a national theatre field, and it is the same sense of activism that allows TCG to fight for effective cultural and economic policies.

Global Citizenship

Members of our national theatre community are citizens of a worldwide theatre community. Our national movement is increasingly a global movement. TCG leads by facilitating cross border relationships among theatre practitioners. We promote international and cultural exchange in order to enhance our art form, while also deepening peace and understanding.