A better world for theatre. A better world because of theatre.

Inspired by those words, TCG's new vision statement imagines a future where participation in theatre will be widely recognized as a right of every individual, a necessity for every community and a uniting force nationally and internationally. Over the next 50 years, TCG will work towards making that dream a reality, inspired by our core values of Artistry, Diversity, Global Citizenship and Activism. Learn more about TCG's vision, values, mission and strategic plan.

Models for audience engagement and strategies for community development take center stage in TCG's multi-phase program, Audience (R)Evolution. Through research, convenings, grantmaking and knowledge-sharing, this program will study, support and spread the best practices for connecting audiences to theatres for the next 50 years. Learn how to evolve and lead your own Audience (R)Evolution.

The strategic value of diversity for organizations is well-documented – and the moral urgency of inclusion often discussed – but how can we move from discussion into action? TCG's strategic plan includes a six-point, multi-year diversity initiative that began at the 2012 TCG Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge. Can we work towards and sustain a truly inclusive theatre movement in the next 50 years? Learn more about our diversity initiative and the steps you can take to make this future a reality.

At the heart of TCG's new vision and strategic plan is a renewed commitment to serving theatre people. We reject the counterproductive dichotomy made between institutions and individuals. Our theatres are made up of individuals all striving to make a difference, and TCG’s mandate is to empower all practitioners.