Fellows - Past Recipients

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2004 Fellowship Awards:

Raye Birk, St. Paul, MN
Movement and voice classes in London, Paris and New York

Blair Brown, New York, NY
Voice and Alexander classes in New York; travel to the Berliner Festspiele

Jeremy Finch, London, England
Acting, movement and voice classes in London; residencies with companies in Germany and Copenhagen

Kristin Flanders, Seattle, WA
Voice classes in Oklahoma City; travel to Milan for master classes in acting

Stephen Kunken, New York, NY
Voice and movement classes in New York

Lori Larsen, Seattle, WA
Acting classes in New York; theatre-going in Chicago; acting workshop in Tokyo

Michael Potts, Brooklyn, NY
Acting and voice classes in London; acting classes in New York

Myra Lucretia Taylor, New York, NY
Research and theatre-going in England, Paris and Greece; voice and physical training classes in New York

Ching Valdes-Aran, New York, NY
Voice and acting classes in New York; a workshop in Warsaw; a workshop and theatre observation in Paris

Gregory Wallace, Berkeley, CA
In-depth study of French Pantomime; Feldenkrais and Alexander classes in San Francisco