Round 10 - Bobbie Steinbach, Actors' Shakespeare Project, Somerville, MA


The Fox Foundation is committed to the artistic development of theatre actors as a strategy to strengthen live theatre. The Foundation awards fellowships to actors to underwrite periods of advanced training aimed at enhancing their craft and their ability to meet the demands of major roles. This program is designed to serve the following purposes:


  • Artistic development of individual actors recognized as having a serious commitment to the theatre. Fox Fellowships are intended to provide actors with the opportunity to undertake projects that will enhance their skills as actors and deepen their commitment to live performance.
  • Promotion of non-commercial theatre companies. Fox Fellowships allow non-commercial theatre companies the ability to cast in their productions extremely well-prepared actors who may not otherwise have been available to them.
  • Support for the art of live theatrical performance. The Foundation's investment in actors is also motivated by an overarching interest in supporting the vitality of live theatrical performance.


William & Eva Fox

The Foundation was created in 1987 by Belle Fox (1903-1989) in honor of her parents, William (1879-1952) and Eva (1883-1962). An immigrant from Hungary, William Fox began working in the film business in New York City in 1904. In 1915 he established the Fox Film Corporation, which merged with Twentieth Century Pictures in 1935 to form the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Fox were pioneers of the cinema and passionate supporters of the arts.


The Foundation's President is Robert P. Warren, a long-time practicing attorney. The Foundation relies on panels of distinguished actors and theatre representatives for advice with respect to the awarding of Fox Fellowships.