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Audience (R)Evolution is a four-stage program to study, promote and support successful audience engagement and community development models.

The Audience (R)Evolution grant program was designed by TCG and is funded by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

In Round 1 of the program, grant recipients were given up to $65,000 to (Re)Model or (Re)Imagine successful audience engagement and/or community development models.  Feel free to follow their projects on the TCG Circle.

 In Round 2 of the program, TCG will award over $1.2 million through two initiatives:

Cohort grants that develop collective strategies for audience engagement among teams of TCG Member Theatres

Travel grants which will allow individual organizations the ability to observe best practices in audience engagement.

 Revised guidelines and requests for proposals will be accepted in Summer 2015.

CLICK HERE for more information about the overall Audience (R)Evolution program and to access videos and transcripts from the February 2013 Learning Convening which may be a helpful resource.

Please contact for additional information.