The Global Connections program was designed by TCG and is funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Robert Sterling Clark Foundation. US-based theatre organizations and individual artists may apply to one of the three initiatives of this program:

Global Connections—On the Road: This initiative will award 12 grants of up to $5,000 each to foster new relationships with international colleagues that will inspire each other’s work and aesthetics by creating opportunities for cultural exchange.

Global Connections—In the Lab: This initiative will award six grants of $10,000 each to further pre-existing international collaborations by supporting residencies that either advance the development of a piece or explore elements leading up to a full production.

Global Connections—On the Stage: This initiative will award up to five grants between $10,000 and $15,000 each to theatres located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to tour a work internationally or to present international work on stages within these states,  Bilateral tours are welcome in this initiative.

Previous recipients of other TCG grants are eligible to apply in this program. Please review the deadline section which identifies specific periods for all eligible activity.

All three initiatives of the Global Connections program were created in response to the natural evolution and development of TCG’s previous international programs and services. To date, many U.S.-based theatre organizations and individual artists have made substantial strides in learning and developing projects with colleagues abroad. As a result of this work, many require additional resources to further the relationships established from their initial travels and first encounters. In addition, TCG recognizes the importance in continuing to seed new relationships by building a solid foundation for fruitful cultural exchanges.  The Global Connections On the Road, In the Lab and On the Stage grants are designed to meet these distinct needs.

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