New Generations Program

The New Generations Program was designed by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and TCG.  Round 11 of this program is funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

The New Generations Program offers three objectives:

Objective #1: Future Leaders - Emerging leaders in all areas of the theatre field are mentored by accomplished theatre professionals at a host theatre. $80,000 ($40,000/nine-month period) will be paid to the theatre in support of an eighteen-month mentorship with up to an additional $10,000 available to the mentee either to defray outstanding student loan debt or to meet unique costs incurred when an international mentee is selected.

Objective #2: Future Audiences - Theatres with a successful track record of reaching age-specific, culturally specific and/or underserved communities will receive a matching grant of up to $65,000 ($32,500/year) to support the development or expansion of technology aimed at cultivating a diverse audience. Up to $5,000 in additional funding will be available to help recipients transition out of the program.

Objective #3: Future Collaborations - A geographically unrestricted grant of up to $6,000 will be paid to theatres and individual theatre professionals to facilitate international collaboration by way of hosting or traveling abroad. The Future Collaborations objective is funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  This objective will not be offered in Round 11.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are grant recipients chosen?

An independent panel of theatre professionals from across the United States reviews each preliminary proposal. Based on the selection criteria in the guidelines, the panel invites a smaller number of theatres to submit full applications. Another independent panel reviews the final applications and selects recipients based on the selection criteria in the guidelines.

I didn't submit the Online Registration Form. Can I still apply?

Preliminary proposals will only be accepted from theatres that submit an Online Registration Form by midnight Eastern time on the deadline date.

I'm having trouble downloading the application form. Who do I call?

Contact Michael Francis, 212-609-5900, ext. 252.

My theatre has experienced leadership changes since submitting this application. Are we still eligible?

It depends on the situation. Contact Michael Francis, 212-609-5900, ext. 252, for more information.

Does my theatre have to be a member of TCG to apply?

The New Generations Program is open to all theatres that meet the eligibility requirements in the guidelines.

Should my theatre send financial information?

Each theatre must submit an audited financial statement from the most recently completed fiscal year. If your theatre's annual operating budget is $500,000 or less, a Form 990 may be submitted.

New Generations Program: Future Leaders

Do I have to have a mentee chosen before I apply?

While you do not have to select a mentee at the time of the preliminary proposal, you must make your selection by the time of the full application if you are invited to move forward. As a general rule, theatres that have submitted Preliminary Proposals identifying the mentee were far more specific in the application: the sense of the mentorship was more specifically defined, the activities more specifically structured and the value of the mentee to the theatre more specifically articulated. Theatres that have submitted a proposal without identifying a specific mentee, for the most part, were less competitive.

What about the administrative expenses my theatre might incur?

While the bulk of grant funds must be applied to compensation and benefits for the mentee, the program recognizes that theatres will inevitably incur expenses in participating. Theatres are allowed to apply grant funds, not to exceed 10% of the award total, toward expenses incurred as a result of the mentorship.

Can the student loan repayment be used to repay credit card debt?

Loan repayment can only be used to repay pre-existing student loans or to cover unique travel and/or legal expenses in the case of an international mentee.


New Generations Program: Future Audiences

What do you mean by "technology?"

The program supports new technology which may take a variety of forms including but not limited to website development or enhancement, purchasing new software and/or the use of new media. The program can also support hiring a technology consultant and/or production design element(s) where the use of technology can be linked to the theatre’s goal of engaging a specific community. The independent selection panel will use an inclusive definition of technology.  It is important in your proposal to address how you arrived at this technology-based strategy and how it fits into your audience-building goals and theatre's mission.

Why support technology?

In conversations with staff of theatres across the country, we heard that many theatres are facing the financial challenge of keeping pace with rapid advancements in technology. In Round 10, we shifted the activities that the program will support in response to what we heard from the field, and we will continue the technology focus in Round 11. Please note that the use of technology must correlate with your theatre’s existing commitment to engaging age-specific, culturally specific and/or underserved communities.

Does my theatre need to have a track record of reaching age-specific, culturally specific and/or underserved audiences?

Although the theatre’s use of technology to reach a more diverse audience can be new, the theatre must have at least a two-year track record of audience cultivation aimed at reaching age-specific, culturally specific and/or underserved communities.

I have a great new idea for audience cultivation. Can the New Generations Program fund this?

The New Generations Program is designed to strengthen and deepen existing programs, approaches or strategies that successfully result in elective theatre participation by age-specific, culturally specific and/or underserved communities. It is not designed to support new programs.

In the eleventh round of the program theatres will receive funds to support the development or expansion of technology aimed at cultivating a diverse audience.

What is a compulsory program?

A compulsory program is one in which students are required to participate. If the program takes place during the school day, if they are graded on their participation, if a workshop occurs in their classroom during school hours, or if their attendance is required at a student matinee, these are all compulsory programs and will not eligible for funding through the New Generations Program. The program is intended to elicit elective participation.

Some parts of my audience cultivation program are compulsory. Can I apply to fund non-compulsory portions?

Yes, however you must be able to clearly separate funding for each portion of the programming, as funding from the New Generations Program can only support non-compulsory programs.