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AT25: An Eye on the Future

The American theatre's next 25 years, as envisioned by the forward-thinking artists who will accompany us there

By The Editors

What do you imagine might happen in the American theatre over the course of the next quarter-century?

That's the question we asked 25 theatre artists (26, counting the team at the helm of Big Dance Theater) to address on the occasion of American Theatre's 25th-anniversary issue. Their answers, which wend their way through the following 16 pages, make for a lively, sometimes unsettling, frequently funny, persistently inspiring read.

Who are our commentators? They're richly accomplished folks—directors, performers, designers, writers, dramaturgs, producers and curators of new work. All have demonstrated something special in their approach to the art and craft of theatremaking that convinced us they have not only vision and foresight about the field they've chosen, but the tenacity and commitment it will take to realize their aspirations over time.

Our artistic future, we figure, belongs to people like these. Here's a chance to glimpse that future through their eyes.