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American Theatre May 2014 CoverMay/June 2014

Table of Contents

What to Expect in San Diego by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

By Jim O'Quinn

Cairo Nights
By Joseph Fahim
In post-revolutionary Egypt, a theatre culture beset by crises and censorship continues to search for its identity

Uganda at a Crossroads
By Sarah Cameron Sunde
Despite recent political acts of intolerance, the nation’s theatre artists band together to forge a more harmonious future

West African Remix: Tracks of Change in Dakar
By Nicole Hodges Persley
How hip-hop in Senegal sparked a revolution—social, cultural, artistic and political—for the nation’s youth

American Theatre April 2014 CoverApril 2014

Table of Contents

Theatre Is the Common Core by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Alex Timbers's Excellent Adventure
By Erik Haagensen
As the downtown darling becomes an uptown heavyweight, can he keep the music going?

My Lyrics Ain't Broken
By Rob Weinert-Kendt
Lynn Ahrens made sure her Rocky lyrics didn't get lost in translation

The Age Advantage
By Eliza Bent
Senior theatre is forging ahead in unexpected and adventurous directions

Senior Theatre Resources
Compiled by Nick Reichert

American Theatre March 2014 CoverMarch 2014

Table of Contents

The Activist Actor by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Defining the Relationship
By Gordon Cox
Commercial and not-for-profit theatres can’t do without each other, but hooking up can be as problematic as it is profitable

History of an Incursion: Mission Drift?
By Gordon Cox
The relationship between the not-for-profits and the commercial sector started out contentiously, but tempers have cooled

Fresh Canon Fodder
By Rob Weinert-Kendt
How Oregon Shakes is using coproductions to help create a body of American history plays

The Anna Shapiro Workout
By Christopher Kompanek
Sprinting steadily from Steppenwolf to Broadway and back again, the Tony-winning director isn't even out of breath

American Theatre February 2014 CoverFebruary 2014

Table of Contents

Do You Share What You Know? by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Geek Shall Inherit the Stage
By Robert L. Neblett
By mining science fiction, superheroes and RPG fandoms, geek theatre puts the outsider front and center

Who We Are and How We Know It
By Daniel Sack
At Florida’s Asolo Rep, Michael Donald Edwards is searching for answers about what it means to be an American

The Content of His Characters
By Kerry Reid
Playwright Marcus Gardley is as obsessed with history as with the present moment. His way into both is through the people and the poetry

Bridge of Tears
Moderated by Suzy Evans
Jason Robert Brown and Marsha Norman delve into their writing process for The Bridges of Madison County

American Theatre January 2014 CoverJanuary 2014

Table of Contents

Captives of Illusion by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Change Agents
by Rob Weinert-Kendt
Theatre has always been on the technological cutting-edge—and its technicians still learn new skills along with the old

Learning to Ask, Asking to Learn
By Stuart Miller
There's no getting around it: Technical theatre jobs require specific knowledge. But, as 6 case studies confirm, the most important underlying skills are communication and collaboration

The Technical Answer
By Mike Lawler
Stage technology has changed the way theatre is made. So who’s training the new makers?

The Figure-Outer-in-Chief
By Kerry Reid
Having a fluid job description is almost the definition of the production manager’s job—particularly at a smallish company like Chicago’s TimeLine, where John Kearns's work is never done

American Theatre December 2013 CoverDecember 2013

Table of Contents

Time Out of Mind by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Necessity of Anarchy
By David Dudley
An actor toils and performs on Bread and Puppet Theater's Vermont Farm on the eve of the company's 50th anniversary

The Trayvon Factor
By Janice C. Simpson
Playwrights and theatres are revisiting issues of race onstage in the wake of the Martin-Zimmerman verdict

You Had to Be There
By Dan Sullivan
50 years on, a critic relives a seminal moment in resident theatre history

Life After 50: Where Do We Go From Here?

Seven resident theatres celebrate their gold anniversary

American Theatre November 2013 CoverNovember 2013

Table of Contents

The Case for Capitalization by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Tall Enough to See the Truth
By Christopher Kompanek
Daniel Beaty and Moisés Kaufman join forces to bring legendary actor/singer Paul Robeson to vivid life

Show Me The Money
By Nelson Pressley
ZACH Theatre reveals all in its budget for an acclaimed rendition of August: Osage County

Once On This Island
By Diana Buirski,
with contributing writers Erica Nagel and Meghan Pressman
As Cuba's socialist economy changes, so do its citizens' career options. What does this mean for Cuban theatre professionals?

Understanding the Affordable Care Act
By Jeremy M. Barker
What artists need to know, and where they can find out more

American Theatre October 2013 CoverOctober 2013

Table of Contents

The Great Outdoors by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Sparring Partners
By Rohan Preston

Looking for Trouble
By David Barbour

Heart and Mind
By Chad Jones

Wabi-Sabi and Winding Roads
By Robert L. Neblett

American Theatre September 2013 CoverSeptember 2013

Table of Contents

Action Speaks Louder than Words by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

School Days, School Days
By Diep Tran
At the TCG Conference in Dallas, theatre artists went back to their roots

Awarding the Look Forward

Four major awards were handed out during the TCG Conference in Dallas

The Science of Feeling at Home
By Celia Wren
Kwame Kwei-Armah hits his stride at Baltimore's Center Stage

American Theatre August 2013 CoverAugust 2013

Table of Contents

Plus ça change! by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

London's Calling
By Stephen Nunns
From his post at New Dramatists and in his growing body of writing, Todd London relishes the role of gadfly

The Walls Come Tumbling Down
By Diep Tran
In immersive theatre, audiences are breaking the rules—moving around, talking with the actors and molding the action

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Refitnessing Design
Produced by Diep Tran

Did you see what I saw?
By Eliza Bent
Excursions into the human psyche were de rigueur at this year's Humana

American Theatre May 2013 CoverMay/June 2013

Table of Contents

Travel More! by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Scottish Connection
By Mark Cofta
'The Winter’s Tale' solidifies a bond between pennsylvania and Glasgow—and brings actors of all ages together

Rose Oil and Apples
By Nicole Estvanik Taylor
Despite radically different styles, Bulgarian theatremakers and Shakespeare & company bond over their passion for Chekhov and the bard

Sisters Under the Skin
By Nirmala Nataraj
The Post Natyam collective is prone to borrow, steal, translate and blog—across miles and cultures

American Theatre April 2013 CoverApril 2013

Table of Contents

All Together Now by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

It’s Better With a Band
By Rob Weinert-Kendt
The American musical’s next wave isn’t jukebox shows and rock stars—it’s a jam session between indie bands and theatre artists making vital new music together.

Spring Fever
By Matthew Sigman
Bogart, Jones and Twist revisit a legendary succès de scandale 100 years later

The Anti-Rule Book
By Susan Jonas
A lion of play analysis summarizes his life's work in a liberating tome

WEBster’s Dictionary
By Eliza Bent
An online theatre dictionary for and by the people

American Theatre March 2013 CoverMarch 2013

Table of Contents

The Long and Short of It by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Group Think
By Steven Leigh Morris
Shape-shifting ensembles are surfacing on major U.S. stages, trailing new techniques and changing the playmaking rules

Moving On In
By Eliza Bent
Playwrights, in a generously funded new wave, are taking up residence at U.S. theatres large and small

Murder à la Mode
By Frank Rizzo
A new musical tells its grisly tale with just the right measure of taste, tone and intent

American Theatre February 2013 CoverFebruary 2013

Table of Contents

The Trouble with February by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Interrogation of Desire
By Christopher Wallenberg
Memory holds the key to playwright Christopher Shinn’s resonant dramas of the psyche

You've Been Steampunked
By Celia Wren
From musicals to Shakespeare, goggles and gears are the look du jour

Web Exclusive
By Nicole Estvanik Taylor
An interview with Somewhere playwright Matthew Lopez

American Theatre January 2013 CoverJanuary 2013

Table of Contents

Here and Now by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Artist as Entrepreneur
By Jim O'Quinn

Open for Business
A discussion moderated by Janice C. Simpson
Trainers preach a new gospel of self-empowerment, even in the most collaborative of art forms

To Thine Own Brand Be True
By Bryce Pinkham
Did you go into theatre because you had no head for business? Let the reeducation begin.

Voices From the Trenches

A dozen theatre artists (and those who teach them) share tips, and tales, and becoming entrepreneurs

American Theatre December 2012 CoverDecember 2012

Table of Contents

Coming Home Again by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Oskar Eustis Seizes the Moment
An interview by Alexis Soloski
As he unveils a landmark renovation, the Public's progressive A.D. talks about love, money and Joe Papp's footsteps

Over There
By Robert Hedley and Harriet Power
Do new plays have a better shot at success in Britain than in the U.S.? Let's investigate.

The Holiday Hustle
By Lonnie Firestone
Move over, Ebenezer. U.S. theatres are hatching audience-pleasing alternatives to Dickens—and they want those shows to become seasonal traditions, too.

American Theatre November 2012 CoverNovember 2012

Table of Contents

The Ripple Effect by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Why Writers Trust Pam MacKinnon
By Christopher Kompanek
Even Edward Albee figures she’s the kind of director who’s watching his back

Subscribe to This!
By Jonathan Mandell
The subscription model is dead; long live the subscription model.

Get Smart, Hold Tight
By Sarah Hart
Theatres are deftly negotiating the bumps and curves of an economy in flux. Theatre Facts 2011 tracks their progress.

Drawing on Shakespeare
By Howard Sherman
Graphic versions of the Bard are proliferating like never before

October 2012

Table of Contents

A Different Kind of Season by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Ascent of Katori Hall
by Alexis Soloski
The Mountaintop scribe pulls no punches--and neither do her characters

The Commons Touch
by Rob Weinert-Kendt
Thanks to a triumvirate of forward-lookers, a think tank grows in Boston

Rolling With the New-Play Surge
by Celia Wren
Teamwork and trust are watchwords for NNPN honcho Jason Loewith

John Steppling: The Artist as Outsider
by Jon Robin Baitz
The expat playwright hasn't found much love in U.S. theatres, and the feeling is mutual

September 2012

Table of Contents

Closing the Arts Gap by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Cleveland Connection
by Tony Brown
CPT's Raymond Bobgan runs a tight ship as activist, auteur and top-flight administrator

For Donyale Werle, It's Easy Being Green
by Christopher Kompanek
Materials for her award-winning designs come from just about anywhere. Seriously.

The Circle Game
by Eliza Bent
Innovations in artistic practice take center stage at TCG's 2012 National Conference in Boston


July/August 2012

Table of Contents

Theatre People by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

From Sea-Chanties to the Moon
by Wendy Smith
A spate of intense new productions shows how Eugene O'Neill's theatrical vision deepened as his canvas tightened

The Scenic Route
by Stuart Miller
A new script's path from playwright's head to design shop is paved with a-ha (and uh-oh) moments

Web Exclusive: Alan Cumming's Solo Macbeth
20 questions and an audio sample of the Scottish actor's take on the Scottish play

Cover May/June 2012

Table of Contents

Citizen-Building by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn


Northern Lights: Canadian Theatre Now

Bridging the Two Solitudes
by Chantal Bilodeau
Canada's Francophone and Anglophone theatre communities are distinct in character but hungry for connection

A Tale of Two Festivals
by Robin Breon
Stratford and Shaw are the twin peaks of Canadian classicism

The Defenders
by Sharon L. Green
Theatres are shedding light on bullying’s devastating effects—and giving kids tools for coping

Web Exclusive: In Memoriam
by Alison Fraser
The actress remembers Wilma Theater co-founder Jiri Zizka (1953-2012), and we host a slide show of his gorgeous theatre photography

Cover April 2012

Table of Contents

The Activist Impulse by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Sin of Activism
By Mike Daisey

Agony/Ecstasy 2.0
by Rob Weinert-Kendt
Mike Daisey invited other artists to "hack" his work--and, since controversy has erupted over its veracity, they're doing just that

Getting Personal About Arts Advocacy
Two stories looking at how leaders of two very different theatre companies cultivate special bonds with their members of Congress

The Trip to Boise
by Dana Boland
For Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Mark Hofflund, a relationship with Congressman Mike Simpson gives rural arts an advocate in high places

Rochester Rapport
by Jenni Werner
Geva's congresswoman, Louise Slaughter, has the theatre's back

To Catch the Conscience of  a Nation
By Christopher Wallenberg
Occupy Wall Street’s inherent theatricality is bolstered by artistry from cadres of the committed

Stephen King's Down-Home Nightmare
By Michele Pearce
The novelist and some iconic musical collaborators conjust up a ghost story with a bluesy beat

Web Exclusive: Steam Powered Smarts
By Michael Criscuolo
How does an indie rock band from Brooklyn come to write a Civil War sci-fi musical? A look (and a listen) at the Lisps's Futurity

Commemorative Compendiums, by Eliza Bent

Cover March 2012

Table of Contents

Oustide/Inside by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

If Momma Was Married (to Momma)
By Mark Blankenship
The hot-button issue of marriage equality is the topic du jour in a varied spate of new plays

Teeth and Sympathy
An interview by Alexis Soloski
Amy Herzog balances the political and the personal in her dialogue-rich plays

The Last Minstrel Show?
By Marshall Jones III
Telling the tragic tale of The Scottsboro Boys with happy-go-lucky minstrelsy may show audacity, but it lacks empathy

Commemorative Compendiums, by Eliza Bent

Cover February 2012

Table of Contents

When Horizons Expand by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

SPECIAL SECTION: On Global Citizenship

Creation Under Occupation
By Ismail Khalidi, Erin B. Mee and Naomi Wallace
In the aftermath of its founder's killing, Palestine's Freedom Theater is re-introducing itself to the world

Listening to the Women of Uganda
By Douglas Langworthy
Gulu District is a long way from Denver, but not beyond the reach of theatre

A Crisis and a Blessing
By Mofidul Hoque
Artists under attack in Bangladesh find protection and a new theatrical voice by returning to their roots

Women Making Waves
By Eliza Bent
Surrounded but mostly untouched by the upheaval of the Arab Spring, Algerian theatre is poised to enjoy its own quiet revolution

After the War
By Rob Weinert-Kendt
Iraqi theatre artists forge ahead—and reach for global connections—in a cautious, still-fragile country

Journeys in Xiamen
By Jeff Liu
Delegates to the 2011 ITI World Congress in China talk about the impact of a landmark meeting

Tweet Seats? Really?! , by Eliza Bent


Cover January 2012

Table of Contents

Relationship and Resolutions by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

SPECIAL SECTION: Approaches to Theatre Training

Learning by Lending a Hand
By Eliza Bent

Supporting Roles
By David F. Chapman
Assisting is a rite of passage for many artists. Are they getting ahead–or just getting coffee?

Design Is Not a Private Affair
By Mike Lawler
And it never has been, say pros who relish their assistants’ creativity and appetite for knowledge

I Get a Sidekick Out of You
By Harrison Hill
For one young director, assisting is a tricky balancing act with a great view

On the Job
Theatre pros recall the doors they’ve opened by assisting (including a few better left closed)

The Neutrality Trap
By Joshua Dachs
The great minds of 20th-century theatre wanted to free our thinking about theatre spaces. How did we end up in a black box?

Journey to a New World, by Eliza Bent

Cover December 2011

Table of Contents

A High-Impact Year by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Prevalence of Projections
By David Barbour
Projection in the theatre is nearly as old as theatre itself, but recent technological advances have made it easier to use--and misuse

The Magician's Tale
By Chloe Veltman
The trick for these performers is using illusion to tell a story

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Triple Threats
(An extended version of the conversation that appears in the magazine's print edition)

Moderated by Rob Weinert-Kendt
Emily Mann and Chay Yew write and direct plays, and they run theatres. Not necessarily in that order

The Parent Trap, by Rob Weinert-Kendt

Cover November 2011

Table of Contents

Going Dutch by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Talk to Me
By Rita Felciano
The Bay Area's new breed of dance-theatre choreographers are also fluent wordsmiths

Critical Juncture
By David Cote
As theatres and audiences face a brave new digital world, 12 of the

Biggies, Meet Smalls
When big theatres host little ones, some valuable cross-pollination of resources can occur

Cover October 2011

Table of Contents

Diversity Squared by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Bruce Norris in the Danger Zone

An interview by Beatrice Basso
Why does the Clybourne Park playwright put such a premium on the freedom to provoke?

The Arts District Difference
By Christopher Johnston
Cleveland Play House's move to the city's PlayhouseSquare complex reverberates throughout the nation

Sparks of Energy
6 designers share vivid impressions of the 2011 Prague Quadrennial

Cover September 2011

Table of Contents

Leadership and Heat by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Not Just About Nightingales
By Lonnie Firestone
In a quartet of early plays, the young Williams played at politics and found a style

Williams Gone Wild
By Eileen Blumenthal
2 iconoclastic productions breathe new life into Stanley, Blanche and the denizens of Vieux Carré

You Are Not the Playwright I Was Expecting
By Thomas Keith
When his reputation tanked, Williams kept writing. How many of his more than 40 late plays do you know?

The Big Time
By Eliza Bent
Artists, institutions and a bevy of performances rubbed up against one another at TCG's biggest national conference ever

HERE, There and Everywhere
By Eliza Bent
HERE Arts Center's 'Made HERE' series starts small—but it has big designs

The Persistence of Memory
An extended interview between Austin Pendleton and Michael Wilson about the late Romulus Linney, whose play Over Martinis, Driving Somewhere is published in the September issue. Includes a recording of Linney singing the hymn "Fairest Jesus" and the video of a speech Linney gave in 2005 about the play and his writing craft

Cover July/August 2011

Table of Contents

United in Artistry by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Quick-Change Artist
By Christopher Wallenberg
Diane Paulus has wasted no time revamping ART's outlook and aesthetic — and generating buzz and backlash

I Can See My Father from Here
By Robert Avila
The political is intensely personal in Jonathan Moscone and Tony Taccone's 'Ghost Light'

Dissolving the Barriers
By Celia Wren
Theatre professionals discuss strategies for bringing artists, institutions and communities closer together

Ajax in Guantanamo
By Bryce Pinkham

An ancient story wins hearts and minds at the world's most controversial military base

Cover May/June 2011

Table of Contents

Interconnectedness Is the Word by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Americans Are Coming
By Eliza Bent
Yankee groups of different sizes and aesthetics find more than one way to reach international destinations

Up, Up, and Away? Not So Fast!
By Celia Wren
Money is one factor keeping artists stuck on their home turf, funders and foundation reps agree. But it's by no means the only one.

Great Exportations
By John Barry
What can we learn from the successful efforts of other nations to promote their theatre overseas?

Cover April 2011

Table of Contents

What If...We Had Some New Words by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Playwright in Song
Stephen Sondheim ponders his accomplishments, his way of working, and the form and future of the American musical
By Rob Weinert-Kendt

And the Winner Is...
Theatre awards abound–but do they promote professionalism or just inflate egos?
By Eliza Bent

Paper or Plastic
How an arts organization in Seattle uses the psychology of spending to boost its subscriptions
By Eliza Bent

March 2011

Table of Contents

What A Difference A Day Makes by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Down the Rabbit Hole with Stephanie Ansin
Her eye-popping shows captivate South Florida youngsters—and impress grown-ups who tag along
By Bill Hirschman

Viva La Mama
Ellen Stewart's friends, collaborators, admirers and "babies" remember the woman who invented American alternative theatre–and changed the face of world theatre

Word Drunk, World Savvy
For Kate Loewald's Play Company, producing plays in translation is a tool of global insight
By Randy Gener

WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Time of His Life
Swimming with Spalding Gray, through good times and bad
(An abridged version of this essay appears in the magazine's print edition)
By Laurie Stone

Publish or Perish
Why don't more theatres in the United States print the plays they produce?
By Eliza Bent

February 2011

Table of Contents

Repression and How to Fight It by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Singular Laura Eason
How the many facets of one theatre artist--adaptor, actor, artistic director--have forged a major playwriting voice
By Rob Weinert-Kendt

50 Ways to Leave Your Torvald
As times change, so does Ibsen's landmark vision of the clash between the sexes
By Toby Zinman

Turn That Frown Upside–down
Making lemonade marketing out of the occasional sour review
By Eliza Bent

January 2011

Table of Contents

2011 Is for Action by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Let's Get Physical: What's Happening Now?
U.S. movement teachers prefer either a hybrid or an integration of disciplines in the service of training
the actor's body
By Nicole Potter

Actors on the Move
10 performers analyze the training regimens that animate them on stage

A Change of Scene
Expand the expectations and assumptions in theatrical design training, and students, teachers and the profession will benefit
By Richard Isackes

Chronicle of an Award Ungiven
The Wasserstein Prize for young female playwrights caused a stir by not naming a 2010 winner. What happened, and what's next?
By Isaac Butler

Mr. January
A sexy, silly calendar is both a product and a marketing tool
By Eliza Bent

December 2010

Table of Contents

The Spirit of 2010 by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Beauty and the Supercomputer
In surprising ways, visionary director Julie Taymor's big 'Spider-Man' gamble brings her full circle to her avant-garde roots
By Roger Copeland

Casting Without Limits
What if theatres stopped using actors' gender, age, race and body type to assign roles?
By Richard Schechner

Theatreflix or Archive Fever
Seattle's On the Boards explores the benefits of filming live performances for a small cost to consumers
By Eliza Bent

November 2010

Table of Contents

Beyond the Numbers by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Garcés Ultimatum
Authenticity and connection were elusive goals for Michael John Garcés. Then he landed at the helm of Cornerstone.
By Steven Leigh Morris

Sundance on the Move
Philip Himberg's Sundance Theatre Lab is angling to become the American theatre's premiere new-work development center. Is it working?
By Randy Gener

On the Road Again
How the National Performance Network addresses the needs of touring artists
By Eliza Bent

October 2010

Table of Contents

Laughter in a Wired World by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

What's So Funny
Eight theatre artists who make us laugh (even when we're not supposed to)
Thomas Bradshaw, by Eliza Bent | Jennifer Childs, by Krista Apple | Trip Cullman, by Eric Grode | Charlie Flynn-McIver and Scott Treadway, by Scott Walters | Qui Nguyen, by Michael Criscuolo | Danny Scheie, by James Magruder | Holly Twyford, by Nelson Pressley

Present Laughter
Playwrights are amping up the camp,the surreal, the loosey-goosey
By Misha Berson

Funny Ha-Ha
Chicago's Second City produces local laughs on a national scale
By Eliza Bent

September 2010

Table of Contents

Back-to-School Musings by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

You Can See America From Here
Molly Smith puts Arena Stage and the nation face to face
By Celia Wren

Loving One Great Writer at a Time
For James Houghton and the Signature, serial monogamy has paid off—in artistic acclaim and a flashy new permanent home
An interview by Carol Rocamora

Ideas, Actions, and Finding the New Mop
Theatremakers at this year's TCG National Conference gathered to face today's challenges much as its host city, Chicago, always has—by getting down to business and building from below
By Rob Weinert-Kendt

North-South Embraces
2 international exchanges build cultural bridges between the U.S. and Latin America
By Randy Gener

July/August 2010

Table of Contents

To the Penthouse! by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Gay Marine's Journey Home
A crisis of conscience in Iraq becomes the raw material for 'The Eyes of Babylon'
By Jeff Key

America's Last Taboo
Canvassing unfamiliar territory, a playwright and performer learns that class can't be dismissed
By Anne Galjour

Anatomy of an Experiment
When the Tectonic team returned to 'The Laramie Project,' the docudrama's sequel became a collective creation seen and heard 'round the world
By Moisés Kaufman

Sit + Twit = Discount Ticket
A Chicago-area theatre uses social media to fill those last few free seats
By Elizabeth Bent

May/June 2010

Table of Contents

Bogotá and Beyond by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

In Katrina's Wake
When the levees broke in August 2005, everything seemed lost. But a jolt of new theatrical activity is offering New Orleanians fresh perspectives on the disaster and its aftermath.
By Christopher Wallenberg

Forging Connections in a Fragmented Hemisphere
Searching for Latin American theatre at international festivals can mean navigating an intricate maze
By Randy Gener

Coming Full Cycle
West Coast theatres entice theatregoers with bike nights
By Eliza Bent


April 2010

Table of Contents

The Art of Cauliflower Soup by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Repast, Present, Future
How 4 theatre projects are using food (or its absence) to make lasting community connections
By Mark Blankenship

Fusion Fare
9 perspectives on unexpected intersections of food and art
As told to Nicole Estvanik Taylor

Stage Fresh
A scrappy New York theatre company draws inspiration from farming in order to attain sustained nourishment
By Eliza Bent


March 2010

Table of Contents

Only Connect by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Opening the Golden Gate
For generations of Asian-American artists in the Bay Area, life in the theatre has meant a passionate struggle for opportunity and change
By Lily Tung Crystal

Small Rooms Full of Words
For Enda Walsh's damaged characters, talk is both a prison and an escape route
By Christopher Wallenberg

Don't Fret, Just Text
Turning your cell phone on at the theatre may just get you talking to your neighbor
By Eliza Bent


February 2010

Table of Contents

Two Roads Converge by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Welcome to Your Neo-Future
For today's media-savvy theatregoer, the seeming chaos of Neo-Futurism feels just like home
By Justin Maxwell

More Work, More Pleasure
Nature Theater of Oklahoma's game plan turns the mundane into marvels
By Rebecca Kastleman

A Wild, Wild West of Their Own
Pig Iron Theatre Company heads wherever its rowdy collective spirit leads
By Krista Apple

Remix to Ignition
Hot, fresh and out of the kitchen (sink)! A Chicago festival gives playwrights of color under 40 new avenues for productions.
By Eliza Bent


January 2010

Table of Contents

3 New Year Wishes by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Voice Check: 10 Tips for Healthy Singing
Voice therapists, trainers and performers give expert advice on how to protect and maintain your singing voice
By Chloe Veltman

The Real Shakespearean Tragedy
It's been 400-plus years. Is it time to translate the Bard into understandable English?
By John McWhorter

Save Our Ship
When your theatre's sinking, how do you best conduct a mayday appeal?
By Eliza Bent


December 2009

Table of Contents

Storm Clouds and Silver Linings by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Search for the Oldest Songs in the World
Out of the crucible of modern Polish theatre comes Teatr ZAR, haunted by death, memory and the primal power of ancient song
By Jim O'Quinn

To Be Determined
Jeffrey Horowitz's tenacity has propelled his company into the spotlight–and, soon, into a permanent Brooklyn home
By Stuart Miller

Broadway in Black and White
Post-racial? Not on the Great White Way
By Rob Weinert-Kendt

Here Comes the Bride (Enter Downstage Left)
Couples save and theatres earn when marriages happen on stage
By Eliza Bent


November 2009

Table of Contents

Measurements by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Passion for Extremes
Words and images clash in the notorious dramatic installations of Ivo van Hove and Jan Versweyveld
By Randy Gener

Not There Yet
What will it take to achieve equality for women in the theatre?
By Marsha Norman

Thinking Outside the Black Box
Forgoing grants and traditional fundraising methods, a plucky midwestern theatre zeros in on pleasing its patrons
By Eliza Bent


October 2009

Table of Contents

Partners for Progress by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Raising the Stakes
Now firmly ensconced in Boston, Peter DuBois seeks to transform Huntington Theatre Company into "a 360-degree experience"
By Christopher Wallenberg

The Fine Art of Listening
In measuring the Dallas pulse, Kevin Moriarty discovers that thinking big is the only way to go
By Sarah Hart

Beyond Identity
Courage is Raelle Myrick-Hodges's watchword as she succeeds Brava's founder and makes this San Francisco company her own
By Alexis Greene

Still Fresh, Less Flesh
Celebration Theatre's Michael Shepperd makes the case that Los Angeles still needs a gay theatre
By Rob Weinert-Kendt


September 2009

Table of Contents

My Own Baltimore Waltz by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Dreaming in Yoruba Land
Tarell Alvin McCraney's trio of profanely poetic ritual dramas signals the emergence of a major new voice
By Randy Gener

You Can Get There from Here
TCG keeps the future of the field in the conference crosshairs as theatre leaders mix it up in Baltimore
By Jim O'Quinn


July/August 2009

Table of Contents

Getting to Know You by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Dreaming in Place
For Double Edge and its audiences, an old New England dairy farm is a living theatrical laboratory
By Kevin Landis

Cartography Lessons with Caridad Svich
The ancient and the contemporary collide in the dreamscapes of her plays
An interview by Justin Maxwell


May/June 2009

Table of Contents

Going International by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Michael Wilson Knows What He Likes
His penchant for classic Americana suits audiences in Hartford, and beyond
An interview by Frank Rizzo

Fomenting a Denim Revolution The guerilla artists of Belarus Free Theatre perform underground while arguing openly for regime change
By Randy Gener


April 2009

Table of Contents

Work in Progress: The Future by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

AT25: An Eye on the Future
The American theatre's next 25 years, as envisioned by the forward-thinking artists who will accompany us there
By the Editors

Michael John LaChiusa Is Messing with Texas
For his new musical, the prolific writer-composer is thinking bigger than ever
By Celia Wren

March 2009

Table of Contents

Conference Calling by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Songs for the Way We Live Now
Where's the next great composer/lyricist team destined to revivify the American musical? Maybe right here
By Terry Berliner

February 2009

Table of Contents

My Neighborhood in Cyberspace by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Gentrification Blues
Danny Hoch’s Taking Over exposes the fault lines in urban America’s economic and cultural flux
by David Freedlander

Extreme O'Neill
At a Chicago fest, 6 directors reanimate his dramas for a faster, harsher century
Moderated with an introduction by Richard Isackes

January 2009

Table of Contents

New Year, New Models by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Case for Live Movies
The training of new-media projection designers will mean new aesthetics, new audiences
by Kirby Malone and Gail Scott White

The Design Dilemma
With so many academic programs cranking out new designers, what exactly are we training them for–and how?
Moderated with an introduction by Richard Isackes

December 2008

Table of Contents

Thinking About Tomorrow by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Electronic Campers
The Builders Association signals through the flames with messages for a hyper-mediated world
by Randy Gener

McBurney Meets Miller
The acclaimed British experimentalist stretches an American classic to new dimensions
By Carol Rocamora

November 2008

Table of Contents

That Was Then, This Is Now by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

This New Eurafrique Magic
Global influences and Ivorian perosnal reinvention meet in the ferocious theatre of Koffi Kwahulé
by Randy Gener

Glamming It Up with Taylor Mac
A drag performer and playwright fiercely embodies his own speculations about beauty and imperfection
by Caridad Svitch

October 2008

Table of Contents

How Theatre Saved America, Part 2 by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Blow Me Up, Lay Me Down Sheila Callaghan writes plays with one finger on the fast-forward button.
By Sarah Hart

No Place Like Home Quiara Alegría Hudes tells a Philadelphia story all her own.
By Alexis Greene

Let the Games Begin Itamar Moses's textual acrobatics take aim at the unsayable
By Mark Blankenship

The Season’s Top 10 Doubt and The Santaland Diaries are the most-produced plays of 2008-09. Plus, get Top 10 lists for previous seasons.

September 2008

Table of Contents

Democracy in Action by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Up from the Mississippi Delta The brutal 1955 murder of Emmett Till, which helped spark the Civil Rights Movement, casts long, dark shadows on three new theatre works
By Carl Hancock Rux

Dream Team of DisciplinesCan NPAC's ambitious agenda for action make a difference? That all depends on a less-than-perfect union of performing arts constituencies
By Jim O'Quinn

July/August 2008

Table of Contents

How Theatre Saved America, Part 1 by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Martin Chronicles Williamstown's new honcho, Nicholas Martin, is as theatre-besotted at 70 as he was at 9.
by Frank Rizzo

Looking both ways Gina Gionfriddo, Rolin Jones and Adam Rapp on traveling the two-way street between theatre and screen
Moderated by Sarah Hart

The Innovation Imperative TCG's fall forum zeroes in on how theatres bring new ideas to life
By Tara Bracco

May/June 2008

Table of Contents

Speed Dating in Bogotá by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

See Under: Homeland On U.S. stages, Israeli and American artists espouse humanism in a world of violence
By Randy Gener

Welcome Back to Grover's CornersOur Town never left the stage, but this season's productions are finding sharp new angles
By Lori Ann Laster

Armageddon in BostonAn artistic director recalls how an iconoclastic theatre took root in recalcitrant soil
By Robert Brustein

12 Positions on Cultural SanctionsTheatre practitioners offer their views on a call to boycott Israel
Compiled by Randy Gener

April 2008

Table of Contents

Come Together, Right Now by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Playwright Nobody (and Everybody) Knows - The face and the voice are ubiquitous. Wallace Shawn's plays are another matter.
By Don Shewey

The Monte SpinA stone's throw from NYC, audiences line up to see her irreverent stagings of the classics
By Charles Ney

March 2008

Table of Contents

Come Together, Right Now by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Communing with the Vampire - The seductive works of Jessica Hagedorn–including a hot-button new musical about celebrity murder–teem with mythic and real-life monsters.
By Randy Gener

The Search for a SITIstate When Anne Bogart secures the right base for her company's work, on whose hill will this SITI be shining?
By Porter Anderson

February 2008

Table of Contents

This Art Is Mine by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

What Women Want - Women's Project is off life support and reenergized—but has all the persistence and the passion added up to real change for women in the American theatre?
By Alexis Greene

The Critic as Thinker -How Bentley, Brustein and Kauffmann reimagined American theatre criticism. A discussion at the Philoctetes Center of New York City.
Moderated by Roger Copeland

January 2008

Table of Contents

Actors and Money by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Albee Sizes Up the Dark Vast - Older, wiser and as prolific as ever, the much-honored playwright still chooses his words with immaculate care.
An interview by Carol Rocamora

Shaping the Independent Actor - 8 master acting teachers investigate the crucial balance between classroom rigor and personal discovery.

Interviews by Ellen Orenstein

December 2007

Table of Contents

Investment Counseling by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Conor McPherson Lifts the Veil - His characters peer through drunkenness (which he's left behind) and existential dread (which he hasn't) for glimpses of truth.
By Cassandra Csencsitz

The Status of a Symbol - A kaleidoscopic docudrama puts a human face on Little Rock's integration crisis–and gives voice to those who live its legacy 50 years later
By Nicole Estvanik

November 2007

Table of Contents

The Message in the Numbers by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Epps Where He Belongs - How the actor-turned-director found his niche at the once-troubled Pasadena Playhouse.
By Bob Verini

SPECIAL REPORT: THEATRE FACTS 2006 - Watching the Fiscal Weather: The forecast is neither foul nor fair–and theatres are planning accordingly.
By Celia Wren

October 2007

Table of Contents

Something to Remember by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Cutting Loose with Adam Rapp - The playwright (who's also a director, a novelist, a musician and a basketball jock) has a brash and brooding side.
By David Ng

Inside the Mind of a Director:

The Season’s Top 10 - Doubt is the most-produced play of 2007-08. Plus, get Top 10 lists for previous seasons.

September 2007

Table of Contents

The Márquez Factor by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Anchored in Artistry - The tide turns toward theatremaking at TCG's 2007 National Conference
By Eliza Bent

All the World's a Pavilion - Scenic designs aren't the only constructs being exhibited at the Prague Quadrennial By Randy Gener

July/August 2007

Table of Contents

Shakespeare in the Metaverse by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Awaken and Sing - How Wedekind’s kindetragödie found its voice in a new century.
By Steven Sater

Acting in Good Faith - What business does an edgy New York company have getting intimate with Colorado Evangelicals? By Mark Blankenship

May/June 2007

Table of Contents

On the 21st Century by Teresa Eyring

Managing Editor's Note from Sarah Hart

An Actor's Utopia - Behind the glittering surfaces of Tom Stoppard's epic trilogy, a cadre of actors is having the experience of a lifetime
By Jason Butler Harner

Special Section: Translation in Action - Speaking in Translated Tongues

April 2007

Table of Contents

Memories in a Box by Teresa Eyring

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Mabou Mines: A Love Story - The black-sheep troupe of the avant-garde is still going strong. So are Ruth and Lee.
By Randy Gener

Catching Up with Ntozake Shange - Her innovations in stage verse and movement have inspired a new generation. By Will Power

March 2007

Table of Contents

Leaning Forward by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Portraits of Gotanda -In a cavalcade of plays both intimate and epic, the playwright elucidates Asian-American life.'
By Terry Hong

Dan Sullivan's Travels -They've taken him from acting to directing, from West Coast to East, from Shakespeare to new plays—and now, at 66, to the top of his game
By Misha Berson

February 2007

Table of Contents

Mission Considered by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Anatomy of a Stereotype -F. Murray Abraham is devoting a season to exploring the 'stage Jew'
By Lori Ann Laster

Call and Response - Ten Thousand Things speaks to nontraditional audiences—and they speak back
By Laura Butchy.

January 2007

Table of Contents

Managing the Future by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Americanization of Yasmina Reza -The work of translators—like David Ives for the upcoming A Spanish Play—has kept her plays popular in the U.S.
By David Ng

The Management Puzzle - Learning to keep theatre organizations robust and creative requires putting together lots of disparate pieces.
A roundtable moderated by Joan Channick

December 2006

Table of Contents

Wishing Well by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Drama on the Border - A feisty Arizona theatre dives headlong into the immigration debate
By Kerri Allen

Can Gurney and Simpson Save Civilization? - Maybe not, but for the playwright/director team, putting politics on stage is a start
An interview by Laura Collins-Hughes

November 2006

Table of Contents

The Artist's Voice: Endangered or Ascendant? by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

These Are the Days - Suzan-Lori Parks's year of writing dangerously yields 365 plays
by Kathryn Walat

Special Report: 'Theatre Facts 2005' - The American theatre finds itself at the intersection of optimism and uncertainty
by Celia Wren

October 2006

Table of Contents

Dream to Action by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Bill Rauch’s Oregon Trail - The next stop on the director’s journey into the heart of America is the venerable OSF
by Rob Kendt

Actors with Roots - 7 great performers you’ll have to travel to see:

The Season’s Top 10 - I Am My Own Wife is the most-produced play of 2006-07. Plus, get Top 10 lists for previous seasons.

September 2006

Table of Contents

Considering the Moment by Gigi Bolt 

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

In Cahoots with Tony Taccone - The director has made playing well with others his specialty
by Ellen McLaughlin

Bringing Up the House
- Audiences come into focus at the 2006 TCG conference.
by Nicole Estvanik

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Inside the New Guthrie
by Joe Dowling

How to Dream a Man - Eight countries collaborate in the Philippines on the Borges Project
by Heather Cohn

July/August 2006

Table of Contents

Final Things by Ben Cameron  

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Irresistible Rise of Ethan McSweeny - The director credits luck and timing for his eclectic career
by Jaime Kleiman

Taymor Meets the Monster - Assembling Grendel in Los Angeles has been a gargantuan challenge
by Eileen Blumenthal

Gigi Bolt: In the Eye of the Storm - Her specialty has been negotiating the thickets of art and politics
by Celia Wren

Special Report: Conversations in the Field - TCG calls together theatre pros to take the pulse of the American theatre
by Ben Pesner

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Possible Worlds - Humana's new-play docket was rife with muscular ideas and imaginative fervor
by Randy Gener

May/June 2006

Table of Contents

Censorship or Delay? by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Outside Man - Once wary of musical theatre, recording artist Duncan Sheik is doing his part to expand to form
by Nicole Estvanik

Against Populism - Some observations about art, politics and the pointlessness of being defined based on nationalism
by Jan Lauwers

March 2006

Is It Time to Stop? by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Hip-Hop Visions of an Ancient World - Will Power and company turn Aeschylus every way but loose
An interview by Charles Mee

The Importance of Being Lisa Kron - In Well, she plays herself writing a play about herself. Will Broadway get it?
An interview by Wendy Weisman

February 2006

Behind the Boardroom Door by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Greenberg Juggernaut - This is the season when everyone wants a piece of Richard the Prolific
An interview by Terry Hong

Breaking the Sound Barrier - Composers parlay their experience as sound designers into new musical forms
by Mark Blankenship

January 2006

The Essentials by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

One on One, Face to Face - As mentoring gains fresh currency, new programs inside and outside the academy are redefining its mission and roles
by Randy Gener

Karen Zacarías: A Writer's Tightrope - She's in the family business, but goes about it her own way
An interview by Caridad Svich

December 2005

Free Again by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

6 Design Virtuosos You Need to Know

Gary C. Hoff, David Korins, Stephanie Nelson, Emilio Sosa, Ben Stanton and Christal Weatherly


November 2005

In the Age of Wilson by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Light in August - An African spiritual strength born of adversity undergirds August Wilson's 10-play cycle
An interview by Suzan-Lori Parks

Aunt Ester's Children: A Century on Stage by August Wilson

Special Report: A Digest of Theatre Facts 2004 by Ben Pesner

October 2005

I'm Free. Are You? by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Conjurer of Worlds - From richly imagined epochs to unsparing satires, Lynn Nottage's roving imagination channels history's discards into drama
by Randy Gener

A Date With Theresa Rebeck - An evening with her plays may make you laugh or shudder (or both)—or see the human condition with fresh eyes
by Sarah Hart

The Golden Ruhl - There's a mix of the mythic, the metaphysical and the mundane in the audacious plays of Sarah Ruhl
by Celia Wren

September 2005

A Strategic Alliance by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Essential Bartlett Sher - The key questions, says Intiman's ascendant A.D., are: Who's doing it? and What makes it great?
An interview by Steven Drukman

Unto the Breach - Conferencegoers debate art's role in a divided culture
by Nicole Estvanik

July/August 2005

The Eye of the Critic by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Real Thing - Identity and cultural authenticity are dramatic fodder for William S. Yellow Robe Jr.
An interview by David Rooks

Alaska Is in the Heart - How a new musical and a community-based drama vie to capture the frontier lives and immigrant dreams of Filipino Alaskans
by Randy Gener

May/June 2005

The Artist as Cultural Diplomat by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Chekhov: Shorter, Faster, Funnier and Uncut - A translator susses out the true Chekhov—with some surprising results
by Tom Donaghy

Out of East Africa - The show must go on for Uganda orphans and Batwa pygmies, in the wake of cross-border violence, civil wars, disease and devastatio
by Lynn Nottage

April 2005

Systems and Survival by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

In Memoriam: Peter Zeisler

Iraq Through the Eyes of Its Women - Actor-playwright Heather Raffo introduces you to a family you didn't know you had
by Pamela Renner

Force of Will - Tickets are selling like hotcakes at America's festival theatres—whose leaders, it turns out, are counting on our love affair with W.S. to last indefinitely.
Article and interviews by Charles Ney

On the Scene: Cleveland - In a city of contradictions, the only constant for theatre artists is change
by Christopher Johnston

March 2005

More than Meets the Eye by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Authors! Authors! - Increasingly, American stages are rife with collaborative plays authored by a motley of writers
by Jonathan Shandell

Andre Gregory Sees the Light - At 70, he's hitching his lifelong quest for insight and illumination to theatre for the few
by Todd London

February 2005

How to Pack the House (or Not) by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

She's In Over Her Head - Ferocity, thy name is Elizabeth Marvel
by Kathryn Walat

Operation Macbeth - How the Alabama Shakespeare Festival took the front line into a new cultural campaign
by Kent Thompson

Tour of Duty - ASF's Lady Macbeth and company bring Shakespeare's soldiers to life for the U.S. military
by Kathleen McCall

January 2005

Talk to Me by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Lying Game - So you want to be an actor? The first step is figuring out why in the world you'd do such a thing.
by Zelda Fichandler

How Does Your Garden Grow? Conversations with six actors who teach.
by David Byron

Special Report: New Generations Program, Future Audiences by Suzanne M. Sato [PDF]

December 2004

Auld Lang Zeisler by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Hot, Hip and on the Verge - A dozen young companies you need to know

Here We Go, Yo ... - A manifesto for a new hip-hop arts movement by Danny Hoch

On the Scene: Brooklyn - Brooklyn's exploding theatre and arts scene is powered by economics and history
by John Istel  

November 2004

The Entrepreneur's Lament by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Evolution of John Patrick Shanley - From Danny to Doubt, the Bronx to Brooklyn Heights, the playwright contemplates a fate he never envisioned
An interview by Robert Coe

Saffron Nightmares - In Gujarat, Indian theatre artists face death threats, house arrest and violence. South Asians in the U.S. are feeling the heat of anti-Muslim fundamentalism, too.
by Mira Kamdar, with testimony by Mallika Sarabhai

Special Report: A Digest of Theatre Facts 2003 - Theatres respond to uncertain weather with bright new ideas
by Ben Pesner  

October 2004

Creative Abrasion - by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note - from Jim O'Quinn

It's a Mean, Mean, Mean, Mean World - Molière's cynical classic The Miser rides the line between hilarity and tragedy
by Karen Campbell

The Spell of History - How Shakespeare's war-soaked 'tetralogies'—in 3 epic stagings—are shedding new light on our troubled times.
Stephen Nunns interviews Scott Kaiser, Libby Appel, Barbara Gaines and Oscar Eustis

Special Report: New Generations Program, Future Leaders by Suzanne M. Sato [PDF]  

September 2004

Partisan Politics by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Truly, Madly, Intimately - Viola Davis breaks free from the tragic characters she is often corseted in
by Pamela Renner

Days of Our Lives - In a season of decision, artists and their companies grapple with issues
Compiled by Celia Wren

On the Scene: Kansas City - Its active theatre scene may well be one of the jewels in Kansas City's crown
by Derek McCracken  

July/August 2004

The Art and Education Conundrum by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Rage in Harlem - Is the Classical Theatre of Harlem a black theatre company? Does it matter?
by Carl Hancock Rux

Found in Translation - Hip-hop theatre fuses the thought and the word
by Eisa Davis

Bling, or Revolution - A roundtable discussion with Daniel Banks, Chadwick Boseman, Gamal Abdel Chasten, Gwendolen Hardwick, Danny Hoch, Baraka Sele, Marla Teyolia, Clyde Valentin and Raphael Xavier  

May/June 2004

Global Viewpoints by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Saints, Sin and Erik Ehn - Mysticism ignites the plays—and theories—of a theatrical visionary
by Celia Wren

Are We Dancing to Our Own Beat? How hip-hop theatre conforms to catgories—including race  
by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

April 2004

School Dazed by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Rock-and-roll Jesus with a Cowboy Mouth (Revisited) - Sam Shepard gets personal with American Theatre once again—20 years later
by Don Shewey

The 5th Element - Hip-hop culture confronts the theatre and asks, "Where to go, beyond the borders of outreach and audience-development?"  
by Roberta Uno

March 2004

Compounding Diversity by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Midsummer Quartet - Anne Bogart, Martha Clarke, Edward Hall and Mark Lamos enter the visual world of Shakespeare's most fanciful comedy

The Tresnjak Touch - Drawing on myth and fable, a much-in-demand director sets his imprint on neglected treasures
by Edward Karam

Special Report: The Future for Theatres of Color by Suzanne M. Sato  

February 2004

Inside Out by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

What's This Puppet Doing in My Play? - Playwrights Erik Ehn, Kira Obolensky, Crystal Skillman, Octavio Solis and Paula Vogel compare notes on writing for objects brought to life Moderated by Gretchen Van Lente

Looking at Light and Shadow - The embrace of artifice in film and puppet theatre paves the way for creation of ephemeral attractions
by Janie Geiser

Blow Up - In Atlanta, an experimental puppetry program explodes the boundaries of subject and technique
by Jon Ludwig

Puppet Rites - A Minneapolis-based theatre reaches back to the ritual power of puppets for healing and community building
by Sandra Spieler

The Thing Happens - A third-generation puppeteer aims to create the puppetry equivalent of abstract painting
by Basil Twist  

January 2004

Cultural Citizenship by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Adam Guettel Faces the Music - Will his lushly romantic new musical win him mainstream audiences?
by David Savran

North from Mexico - An armada of new Mexican writing looks poised to invade the U.S.—and bust cultural misconceptions
by Aaron Mack Schloff  

December 2003

An Anti-Annual Report by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Lynne Meadow's Next Stage - Tempering passion with practicality, she steers Manhattan Theatre Club to a Broadway berth
by Randy Gener

Angels Takes Flight as Film - HBO's blockbuster miniseries of Angels in America arrives—and American Theatre interviews 22 people whose lives and careers have been touched by Tony Kushner's play

November 2003

Reading the Box Scores by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Jeffrey Hatcher Can't Dance - But who cares? He's adding a Jerome Kern musical to his résumé anyway
by Toby Zinman

An American Revolution - The 75-year-old Berkshire Theatre Festival looks to its star-spangled past to inspire a still-fermenting future
by Sarah Hart

Special Report: A Digest of Theatre Facts 2002 by Ben Pesner  

October 2003

The Secret Life of Lists by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

No More Clowning Around - For vaudeville clown and mime artist Bill Irwin, writing serious plays means reaching into a new bag of tricks
by Stuart Miller

Winner Takes All - An actress rides shotgun on the rough-and-tumble development of David Edgar's epic Continental Divide
by Lorri Holt
Plus, Elizabeth Kaiden on Edgar's theatrical balancing act 

September 2003

A Time of Reinvention by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Dreamer from Cuba - For Pulitzer-winner Nilo Cruz, exile is a window into hothouse landscapes of the imagination
by Randy Gener

Shape-Shifting for a Viable Future - TCG's National Conference connects theatre to a world in transition
by Sarah Hart  

July/August 2003

Facing the Unknown by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Show of Hands - Deaf West sings and signs its Big River to Broadway
by Karen Wada

The Young Man from Atlanta - Chris Coleman went west, all right—and shouldered the job of transforming Portland's flagship theatre.
An interview by Des McAnuff
Plus, Bob Hicks on Portland's personality

May/June 2003

Austerity Blues by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Salvation in the City of Bones - Ma Rainey and Aunt Ester sing their own songs in August Wilson's grand cycle of blues dramas
by Randy Gener

SPECIAL SECTION: On Art and Institutions

Art Will Out - Jaan Whitehead asks, can we put the art back in our arts institutions? (October 2002)

Is Art the Bottom Line? - Eight theatre professionals consider the question. A roundtable with Beth Emelson, Naomi Grabel, Irene Lewis, Michael Maso, Jonathan Moscone, Jim Nicola, James Still and Paula Tomei
Moderated by Cynthia Mayeda

Whither (or Wither) Art? - Zelda Fichandler gauges the artistic pulse of the contemporary American theatre

April 2003

Recent Revelations by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Women in Flames - What disqualifies a woman in pursuit of passion? Age, of course, says playwright Tina Howe

Vox Eroticus - In singing the voice erotic, a world-renowned voice teacher lays bare the anatomy of theatre as a verbal art
by Kristin Linklater

On the Scene: Pittsburgh - Theatre artists are turning Pittsburgh's conservatism into an asset
by Elizabeth Kaiden  

March 2003

Too Much of a Good Thing? by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Pop Goes the Musical - Musical theatre finally turns on to the tunes everybody in the world has been listening to for years
by John Istel

Salman Rushdie and the Sea of Stories - The world-famous fabulist speculates about the innate theatricality of his richly imaginative novels
An interview with Davia Nelson
Plus, Shazia Ahmad on the Royal Shakespeare Company's dramatization of Midnight's Children

February 2003

So, What's the Problem? by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Urinetown Confidential - Greg Kotis delivers the untold story of this unlikely musical

Fear of Flying - Peter Pan flies on the dark side
by Celia Wren

January 2003

Training Wheels by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Designer As Thinker - Six American designer-educators—Christopher Barreca, Ursula Belden, Ralph Funicello, Susan Hilferty, Charles McClennahan and Miguel Romero—wrestle with the diverse roles as stage designers must play in a changing world
Moderated by Randy Gener

Stardust Melancholy - Does the filming of Samuel Beckett's complete works compromise his theatrical legacy?
by Jonathan Kalb

On the Scene: Dallas/Fort Worth - A flourishing theatre scene strives for recognition deep in the heart of Texas
by Sarah Hart  

December 2002

Cheers by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Toward a Theatre of Action - The grassroots theatre movement find savvy new ways to flourish, by Moira Brennan. Plus, snapshots of Carpetbag Theatre Company, Jump-Start Performance Co. and WagonBurner Theater Troop
by Linda Frye Burnham.

Who Will Speak for the Children? - Peter Sellars's Children of Herakles gives theatrical shelter to those lost in the system
by Randy Gener

November 2002

Picking Apples by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The Shape of Plays to Come - Our theatre is polarized into two cultures. Todd London asks, What will make it whole again?

Unstoppable Stoppard - Utopia unattainable is the topic of his grand-scale new trilogy
by Matt Wolf

October 2002

Let Go of the Pole by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Greenberg's Got Game - Arts reporter and baseball fanatic Steven Drukman talks to playwright and baseball fanatic Richard Greenberg

Art Will Out - Can we put the art back into our institutions?
by Jaan Whitehead

Seven Playwrights to Watch - Eric Coble, Karen Hartman, Javon Johnson, Rogelio Martinez, Adam Rapp, Alice Tuan and Annie Weisman discuss their busy schedules for the upcoming season  

September 2002

When 9/11 Is History by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

The View From Here - 11 artists talk about the challenge of putting 9/11 on stage

Eyes Wide Shut - How a daring Houston production evokes the way we were before 9/11
by Robert Faires

Set Your Watch To Now - LePage's Zulu Time catalogs the A-B-C's of global travel
by Don Shewey

ITI News: Words from the Threshold - Martha Coigney offers some "last words" for the American theatre on the eve of her resignation from ITI

Special Report: A Digest of Theatre Facts 2001 by Stephen Nunns

July/August 2002

Side by Side by Side - Stephen Sondheim candidly assesses his acomplishments—and confesses to some aspirations unfulfilled
An interview by Frank Rich

The Education of Dael Orlandersmith - At a turning point in her career, a poet-turned-playwright is still learning from her past
by Stuart Miller

On the Scene: Nashville - Theatre creates a niche for itself in the hometown of the Grand Ole Opry
by Trav S.D.

May/June 2002

Border Shenanigans by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Incident at Awassa - David Schein reports from Ethiopia on a life-changing production, AIDS Education Circus

Lights over Warsaw - Jim O'Quinn writes about a stellar new generation of Polish directors

ITI News: Memories of the Future - Martha Coigney envisions ITI's ongoing mission

The Puppet and the Fish - Jason Loewith visits Chicago's Redmoon Theater

Strike a Pose - Steven Drukman previews Richard Foreman's Maria del Bosco

Overtures from the Other Side of the Pacific - Hitomi Hagio prepares us for the New National Theater of Tokyo's visit to the Lincoln Center Festival

Racine Meets His Match - Elinor Fuchs on the Wooster Group's To You, the Birdie!

No Snoozing for the Avant-Garde - Roger Babb on Philadelphia's Pig Iron Theatre

Cleansed Meets Catharsis - Piotr Gruszczynski on the Polish production of Sarah Kane's Cleansed  

April 2002

The Salient Issues by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Cutting Loose - Eric Bogosian describes how he first came to create the panalopy of characters for him he has become widely known

In Medea Res - An ancient Greek femme fatale is the American Theatre's passion of the moment
by Celia Wren  

March 2002

Room at the Top by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

Hailey's Comet - A visionary company—and Hollywood star Bruce Willis—lure a reporter to Idaho's true West
by Kara Manning

A Prophet in Our Time - Premonition and reality in Tony Kushner's Homebody/Kabul
by James Reston Jr.  

Febuary 2002

The Grantmaker's Dilemma by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Drum with a Difference - David Henry Hwang repaves Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical road to Chinatown
by Misha Berson

Who's Listening to Lloyd Webber? - Michael John LaChiusa reviews the five CD set Now and Forever

ITI News: End Cultural Imperialism Now - The arts can bridge the chasms between nations, a director argues
by Dudley Cocke  

January 2002

Uncharted Waters by Ben Cameron

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

So You Want To Be A Director - Liz Diamond, Jon Jory, Mel Shapiro and Hal Scott candidly discuss the state of director training in America
Moderated by Michael Bloom

She Turns the Beat Around - Director Diane Paulus taps the zeitgeist with a mixture of music, pop culture and a little help from her friends  
by Lenora Inez Brown

December 2001

Progress and Property by Joan Channick

Editor's Note from Jim O'Quinn

A Summer of Directing Dangerously - Outtakes from veteran director Gerald Freedman's diary, revealing his experiences as the first American to direct at London's Globe

The Hedda Syndrome - Three acclaimed actresses peer into the psyche of Ibsen's "infinitely perverse" heroine
by Martha Hostetter

November 2001

9/11: American's Theatres Respond

They've Got the Look - Misha Berson interviews designers Thomas Lynch, Martin Pakledinaz and Peter Kaczorowski

Design and the Bottom Line - Marjorie Bradley Kellogg examines the problematic cost of designing for a living

Designers and Money: A Different View - A response from Michael Maso, president of the League of Resident Theatres

On the Scene: Santa Fe - Theatre is flourishing in a southwestern town with deep roots
by Moira Brennan

September 2001

Future Shock by Ben Cameron

Brave New Worlds - Celia Wren sums up this year's TCG conference

The Critic in Your Head - Todd London makes the case that artists are their own hardest critics

Arts and the Media: A Strategic Complaint - Why are the arts virtually tuned out of America's mass media?
by Frank Rich

Special Report: A Digest of Theatre Facts 2000 by Linda Geeson  

July/August 2001

The First Forty Years by Ben Cameron

The Philadelphia Story - Julia Klein investigates Philadelphia's vibrant theatre community  

Watching Kate Whoriskey - Tom Sellar gets to know one of the theatre's rising stars

40 Years of Passion - Texts from the TCG video oral history project, featuring nine of the past TCG board presidents:


May/June 2001

Border Crossings by Joan Channick

A Certain Path - Margaret Croyden's exclusive interview with director Peter Brook

The Year of the Hamlets - Matt Wolf takes us to the Hamlet productions of Peter Brook, John Caird and Peter Zadek 

April 2001

Sharing the Spotlight by Ben Cameron

We Are Not a Metaphor - A roundtable discussion on issues affecting disabled theatre artists today with John Belluso, Rick Curry, Michael Ervin,Vicky Ann Lewis, Joan Lipkin, Lynn Manning, Susan Nussbaum, Carrie Sandahl and Cheryl Marie Wade.
Moderated by Kathleen Tolan

From Lip-reading Ants to Flying Over Cuckoo Nests - Deaf actor and playwright Willy Conley explores the significance of and obstacles to the translation and integration of the verbal and signed worlds 

March 2001

Here's to Our Health by Ben Cameron  

Elements of Style - Misha Berson profiles director Stephen Wadsworth, who stages the classics with a revelatory sense of style

To Have and Have Not - The dilemma of the artist in a commercial society
by Jaan Whitehead

February 2001

The Merits of Mentorship by Joan Channick

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Kara Manning writes on the recent influx of rock musicians and rock musicals appearing on Broadway and around the nation

Five-Finger Exercise - a survey of five new American musicals
by Lenora Inez Brown, Jana Monji, Jean Schiffman, Mark Dundas Wood and Celia Wren

New Books: Where the Pavement Ends by William S. Yellow Robe Jr. and Latino Plays from South Coast Repertory: Hispanic Playwrights Project Anthology
by Tiffany Ana Lopez

January 2001

In the Most Unlikely Places by Ben Cameron

A Place at the Table - How to become a theatre company's Practical Dreamer
by James Magruder

Where We Are Now - a report on the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America
by Lynn M. Thomson

A Sampler of Dramaturgy Programs in the U.S.

You Can't Tell a Dramaturg by Her Title - interviews from dramaturgs around the country.

Balancing Acts - A debate between Anne Bogart and Kristin Linklater on American-actor training
Moderated by David Diamond

December 2000

A Letter to the President by Ben Cameron

What the Dickens? - Turning Marley's face into a door knob is just problem number one for Carol adaptors
by Jerome Weeks

Who's Teaming Up in the Tug-of-War Among the Two Theatre Sectors, Pop Culture and the Press? by Michael Janeway

November 2000

The Board Bargain by Ben Cameron

Are We Not Jews? - Such questions may still confound, but several new-generation theatre writers have answers ready
by Kara Manning

Pilgrims' Progress - Christian theatre artists seek excellence—and salvation—on stage.
by Celia Wren

October 2000

On Writers and Their Whereabouts by Ben Cameron

The Good Fight - Arena Stage goes another round with, The Great White Hope , the heavyweight drama that changed all the rules
by Nelson Pressley

The Possession of Suzan-Lori Parks - By listening to "the figures that take up residence inside me," the playwright resurrects a lost and dangerous history—and dares audiences to venture with her into its depths.
by Shawn-Marie Garrett

September 2000

Holiday for Strings - When Canadians talk about their major theatre artists, inevitably two names come up: Robert Lepage and puppet artist Ronnie Burkett
by Stephen Nunns

A Lively Theatre - Does theatre architecture really matter? To create a place of feeling, emotion and participationin the 21st century, the architecture must play a critical role— in a way that our ancestors took for granted.
by Richard Pilbrow

July/August 2000

The Perils of Polly Pen - An acclaimed musical miniaturist shifts her time-traveling talents to a larger canvas
by Shazia Ahmad

Star of India - Master director Ratan Thiyam brings an eye-filling saga of good versus evil to America
by Erin B. Mee

May/June 2000

Starting Afresh by Ben Cameron

Town in a Mirror - The Laramie Project revisits an American tragedy
by Don Shewey

Into the West: An Exploration in Form - Playwright Moises Kaufman discusses the development of The Laramie Project

April 2000

Transformations by Ben Cameron

A Beginner's Guide to Rebecca Gilman - Don’t let the gentle demeanor fool you. Her plays are rife with murder and mayhem
by Chris Jones

Trumpet of the Swan - Two decades ago, theatre for young people was just an ugly duckling. But look at it now!
by Russell Scott Smith

March 2000

V.I.P. by Ben Cameron

Philadelphia's Freedom - Deep community roots sustain an African-American theatre with growing pains
by Julie M. Klein

The Stars of Bethlehem - A community mourns the loss of "the steel" through a unique theatrical event
by Jan Cohen-Cruz

February 2000

Do I Hear a Waltz? by Ben Cameron

The Smart Set - These brainy new composers may be the hope of the American musical theatre.
by David Patrick Stearns

Mother Knows Best - A working actress comes to grips with parenthood
by Caroline Nesbit

The Welfare of the Art - exerpted from Tom Hall's keynote speech at TCG's Fall Forum

January 2000

Mapping a New Landscape by Ben Cameron

Looking for Lecoq - A master's legacy lives on
by Sara Brady

Worlds Apart - It was when he embraced his ethnicity, David Henry Hwang reveals, that he became the playwright we know

Special Report: The Field and Its Challenges
Reported by Stephanie Coen with Stephen C. Forman and Ben Cameron

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