September 2014

American Theatre September 2014 Cover

From the Executive Director

Arts in the Classroom

Editor's Note

By Jim O'Quinn


All Aboard! An Ideal Audience
By Eliza Bent


Seeker of Hard-Won Joy

By Helen Shaw

Director Lear deBessonet has fused art and activism into a big-hearted, deeply attentive and seriously playful aesthetic

On the Peculiar Nature of Theatre

By Richard Nelson

What’s a play for? Not to change the world, a writer argues, but to replicate the intricate workings of the human heart.

What Are Critics For?

By Suzy Evans

The O’Neill Theater Center has been building a bridge—a gated bridge, perhaps—between artists and journalists for 46 years. And there’s still work to do.

Taking Chekhov to Tashkent

By Gavin Reub

A Seattle Seagull flies to Uzbekistan, where post-Soviet shadows lurk but the dissident spirit stays strong

In Memoriam

Tributes to Four Giants of the Theatre

The Faith Question

An interview with Lucas Hnath, writer of The Christians

IN PRINT for September 2014

A radically reimagined Les Miserables at Dallas Theater Center; Julia Jarcho & Sibyl Kempson nerd out on Jane Bowles; a review of John Lahr's new Tennessee Williams biography; and a survey of women directors in Poland

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