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TCG Bulletin

June 2010, Volume 33, Issue 6

Christopher Shuff

Associate Editor:
Claire Mazur

Laurie Baskin
Sarah McLellan
Alissa Moore
Jason Tseng

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In this month's Field Letter, Teresa is back with a report on her activities of the last several months. She's been busy traveling to theatre events around the continent and charing the National Performing Arts Convention. She writes, "I . . . don’t know of another performing arts discipline that has created such a robust not-for-profit sector, distinct from its commercial counterpart, but that has found a way to be mutually reinforcing. Can you imagine a Broadway for orchestras?"


Monthly Mental Health Moment

This month’s mental health moment is a piece of phony news fit for a theatre geek, courtesy of The Onion.


CHEYENNE, WY—A gun introduced during the childhood of local resident Keith Johnson went off near the end of his life's third act Wednesday, finally resolving the dramatic tension that had gripped the residents of Cheyenne. The revolver, which was inherited from Johnson's emotionally distant father, was a frequent background detail in the unfolding narrative, though its importance had been dismissed until a drunken Johnson brought it out in front of his wife, Susan, and daughter, Katie toward the end of his marriage's second act. While only fleeting and disconnected images were available at press time, including the gun itself smoking on the floor next to Katie's favorite doll, consequences of Johnson's action will not be known until police reopen the scene and either begin the fourth act of Johnson's life or announce an epilogue.

Staff Picks

The newest feature in the TCG Bulletin reveals TCG staff favorites.

Becky Kelly, Customer Service Associate Nicole Estvanik-Taylor, Managing Editor, American Theatre
My staff pick is the revamped Individual Membership page on our website. We’ve rolled out a bunch of new benefits for this year’s members, and this is a great resource to gain access to more information about each one. Members can access everything from their associate membership with Fractured Atlas to the TCG username and password registration page. (No more complicated default log-ins. You can make it personal!). Be sure to add your email address to your profile so we can keep in touch with our IM Wire and PAA’s Action Alerts! I recently got to sit in on a rehearsal of SITI Company’s new collaboration with the Martha Graham Dance Company on a piece called American Document (running June 8–13 in NYC). They’re returning to an inquiry Martha Graham made in the 1930s—essentially, what is America, and what is an American? While I watched, my mind went to a speech that the poet/performer Sekou Sundiata delivered at the 2005 TCG Conference in Atlanta. At the time, he was in the middle of creating what would end up being his last theatre project before his untimely death in 2007: an investigation of post-9/11 American identity called the 51st (dream) state. Those of us at the conference heard some very lyrical samples of his thought process. The transcript of that talk (along with lots of other past conference speeches) is archived on the TCG site, so I’ve reread his words and am reminded how compellingly he spoke of his compulsion to investigate that topic, and how art could help him do it.



TCG National Conference 2010-Pre-Conference on Arts Education

This story was originally published in the January 2010 issue of the Bulletin.
TCG will focus on arts education and assessment at a Pre-Conference to the June 2010 TCG National Conference. We will follow up on the Building a National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models Pre-Conference from 2007. Education directors will be trained in adapting the national models for use in their education programs as well as aligning the evaluation and assessment work with federal and state standards.

Action: Visit the Pre-Conferences section of the website for more information and to register.

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TCG Brain Bank: Where Knowledge Earns Interest

The Brain Bank is a peer network of theatre professionals volunteering their time and expertise to offer guidance and support to their colleagues. The eligibility requirements for participation in the Brain Bank have been expanded to include senior level staff members at TCG member theatres, in addition to executive leaders at TCG member theatres. Conference registrants will receive more information soon on how to sign up for TCG Brain Bank: Live at the Conference.

Action: Visit the Brain Bank section of the website to register as a Knowledge Donor or a Peer today. Please remember that you must be executive or senior leadership at a TCG member theatre to register.

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2010 Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships

Fox Fellowships are awarded in two categories: Extraordinary Potential and Distinguished Achievement. The Fellowships are intended to further an actor's artistic and professional development; to deepen and enrich his/her relationship with a not-for-profit theatre and to ensure his/her continued professional commitment to live theatre and to encourage actors to work outside their comfort zone.

Action: The application deadline is June 11. Visit the Grants section of the website for more information.

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Richard Wilbur's Translations of Molière

TCG Books has now completed publication of its series of Richard Wilbur’s world-renowned translations of Molière’s classic comedies. The Bungler and Amphitryon are now available, together with the series’ first two volumes: The School for Husbands and The Imaginary Cuckold and Lovers’ Quarrels.

Action: Visit the TCG Bookstore for more information on these remarkable English verse translations, published here for the first time in quality paperback editions.

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Free NFF Office Hours for TCG Member Theatres

NFF Office Hours are free consultation sessions available to TCG members to discuss a specific financial concern of the participant's organization, covering topics such as financial basics, optimizing the value of financial reporting and financial planning and strategy. Consultations will last up to 45 minutes and may be conducted by phone or in person at NFF's offices at 70 W. 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Action: This service is available immediately through June 30, 2010. Visit the NFF website to register online.



U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Smoking Ban Case

UPDATED! This story was originally published in the January 2010 issue of the Bulletin.
As previously reported, Curious Theatre Company in Denver, CO attempted to win a legal exemption from Colorado’s smoking ban for theatrical smoking. On May 17, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take the case, and so the Colorado Supreme Court decision stands. If theatres in other parts of the country are experiencing similar difficulties, and they decide to file suit in state Supreme Court or federal circuit court and win, it would become more compelling for the Supreme Court to hear the case in the future.

Action: Please contact Laurie Baskin if you experience problems with smoking bans in your state or locale.

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House Appropriations Hearing on NEA Funding

NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman presented the President’s FY 2011 budget request of $161.3 million to the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee. The FY 2011 request includes support for the agency’s ongoing Program and Partnership grants, as well as for Our Town, which seeks to invest $5 million in 35 communities for projects that put the arts at the center of creating sustainable, livable communities.

Action: Visit the Committee On Appropriations website to read testimony by NEA Chairman Landesman (PDF).

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New Co-Chair of Senate Cultural Caucus

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has agreed to co-chair the Senate Cultural Caucus, serving alongside Senator Michael Enzi (R-WY).

Action: None.

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Recent FCC Proposal on Net Neutrality

UPDATED! This story was originally published in the May 2010 issue of the Bulletin.
As previously reported, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled for Comcast on the issue of Net Neutrality, essentially saying that the FCC lacks certain authority over broadband service providers. In response to this ruling, the FCC recently issued a proposal to reclassify broadband, which would allow the agency to move forward with its Broadband Plan and its efforts to preserve a free and open internet. The proposal by the FCC opens a formal Comment Period, after which the five Commission members will have to vote. This will be an important decision with implications for the arts community.

Action: Stay tuned, we will update you on future developments.



Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Invites Colleges to Apply for Guest Artist Initiative

This program assists colleges and universities in hiring guest directors and choreographers and provides the schools with funding and administrative support. SDCF publicizes the guest artist position to professional directors and choreographers nationwide, collects and collates applicants’ materials and sends materials to the school for hiring decisions.

Action: The deadline is June 1. Visit the SDCF website for application guidelines and materials.

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Creative Capital Grants to Fund Organizations Offering Professional Development for Artists

Organizations can apply for Workshop Subsidy Grants to offer workshops to artists for a significant reduced fee. Subsidies ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 are available for a limited number of workshops in planning, internet and verbal communications, to be held in 2011 and 2012.

Action: The deadline for applicants wishing to host a workshop in 2011 is June 30. Visit the Creative Capital website for application guidelines and materials.

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2010 Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation

This award is granted to a social-sector organization that demonstrates “change that creates a new dimension of performance” and administers programs that are highly effective and have made a difference in the lives of the people that they serve. The first-place prize is $100,000, the second-place is $7,500 and the third-place is $5,000.

Action: The deadline is July 1. Visit the Drucker Institute website for application guidelines and materials.

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Entries Invited for 2011 Nonprofit Collaboration Prize

This prize is a national award presented to not-for-profit organizations that collaborate effectively to gain greater impact. The prize will award a total of $250,000 to the collaborations that best exemplify the impact that can result from working together. Eight finalists will receive $12,500 and the winner will receive an additional $150,000.

Action: The deadline is July 16. Visit The Collaboration Prize website for application guidelines and materials.

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National Assembly of State Arts Agencies Invites Nominations for Leadership Awards

The NASAA awards program recognizes exemplary leadership and showcases the best practices of state arts agencies and regional arts organizations. All NASAA members are strongly encouraged to submit nominations.

Action: The deadline is July 16. Visit the NASAA website for application

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National Park Service at Chamizal National Memorial Accepting Proposals for Performances During Siglo de Oro Spanish Drama Festival

The 36th annual festival will take place March 2-6, 2011 at the memorial in El Paso, TX. Participants are chosen through a competitive bidding process based on the proposed performer fee amount, the proposed play and its quality (interpretation, costume and scenery).

Action: The deadline is July 31. Contact Fannie Vargas at (915) 532-7273 ext.104 for more information.



TCG National Conference 2010 - Pre-Conference on Arts Education

Action: See story in Current TCG News section.

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Neighborhood Bridges National Conference, August 18-20, Pre-Conference August 16-18

The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN will host the Neighborhood Bridges National Conference. Join elementary, middle and secondary level educators and artists from around the country to explore the intersection of critical thinking and creative storytelling to demonstrate that play does indeed equal high-quality learning, engage creativity and fuel critically literate thinking.

Action: Visit the Neighborhood Bridges website to learn more.



NEA Announces Second Round of FY2010 Grants

The NEA announced its latest round of funding for fiscal year 2010 in the categories of Access to Artistic Excellence, Learning in the Arts, Arts on Radio and Television and Partnership Agreements. The NEA will distribute $97,632,100 through 1,323 grants to not-for-profit national, regional, state and local organizations nationwide.

Access to Artistic Excellence grants support the creation and presentation of work in the disciplines of dance, design, folk and traditional arts, literature, media arts, museums, music, musical theatre, presenting, theatre and visual arts.

TCG Member Recipients of Access to Artistic Excellence Grants:

• The African Continuum Theatre Co: $15,000
• Arizona Theatre Company: $25,000
• Bristol Riverside Theatre: $20,000
• California Shakespeare Theater: $35,000
• Chicago Shakespeare Theater: $45,000
• Childsplay, Inc: $20,000
• Cleveland Public Theatre: $10,000
• Cornerstone Theater Co: $35,000
• Dell'Arte International: $15,000
• East-West Players: $30,000
• Elm Shakespeare Company: $10,000
• Folger Theatre: $30,000
• foolsFURY Theater: $15,000
• Ford’s Theatre: $15,000
• Freehold Theatre Lab: $20,000
• GALA Hispanic Theatre: $25,000
• Geffen Playhouse: $15,000
• Golden Thread Productions: $10,000
• Greenbrier Valley Theatre: $20,000
• Hangar Theatre: $5,000
• History Theatre: $20,000
• Horizon Theatre Co: $15,000
• Idaho Shakespeare Festival: $25,000
• Imagination Stage: $10,000
• Indiana Repertory Theatre: $25,000
• Intiman Theatre: $35,000
• Kentucky Repertory Theatre:$15,000
• Kentucky Shakespeare Festival: $15,000
• L.A. Theatre Works: $25,000
• Lamb's Players Theatre: $10,000
• Lincoln Center Theater: $45,000
• The Lyric Stage Company of Boston: $25,000
• Maltz Jupiter Theatre: $30,000
• Marin Shakespeare Co: $15,000
• The Marsh: $20,000
• Metro Theater Company: $20,000
• Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company: $15,000
• Native Voices at the Autry: $30,000
• New Repertory Theatre: $20,000
• New York Theatre Workshop: $55,000
• Odyssey Theatre Ensemble: $15,000
• The Old Globe: $15,000
• Olney Theatre Center for the Arts: $15,000
• Oregon Shakespeare Festival: $60,000
• Pan Asian Repertory Theatre: $30,000
• PCPA Theaterfest: $25,000
• The Pearl Theatre Co: $30,000
• Philadelphia Young Playwrights: $30,000
• Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre: $15,000
• The PlayGround Theatre: $15,000
• Playmakers Repertory Co: $40,000
• The Playwrights' Center: $25,000
• The Public Theater: $20,000
• Red Bull Theater: $30,000
• Redmoon Theater: $25,000
• Repertory Theatre of St. Louis: $20,000
• Repertorio Español: $45,000
• Roadside Theater: $30,000
• Rude Mechanicals: $30,000
• ShadowLight Productions: $15,000
• Shakespeare Santa Cruz: $20,000
• Silk Road Theatre Project: $75,000
• St. Louis Black Repertory Company: $35,000
• Teatro IATI: $10,000
• Teatro Vision: $15,000
• Tectonic Theater Project:$30,000
• Ten Thousand Things Theater Co: $25,000
• Theatre Communications Group: $140,000
• Theater Latte-Da: $20,000
• Theatre of Yugen: $10,000
• Theatreworks: $50,000
• Touchstone Theatre: $20,000
• Tricklock Theatre Company Company: $20,000
• Urban Stages: $30,000
• Weston Playhouse Theatre Company: $30,000
• Westport Country Playhouse: $30,000
• Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum: $15,000
• William Inge Center for the Arts: $45,000
• Williamstown Theatre Festival: $20,000
• The Wooster Group: $30,000
• The Working Theater: $10,000
• Young Playwrights' Theater: $20,000
• ZACH Theatre: $35,000

Total: $2,150,000

Learning in the Arts grants strengthen American educational opportunities by providing children with focused arts instruction, exposing them to legendary artists and introducing children to artworks of the highest quality. Through the Learning in the Arts category, the NEA will award 255 grants out of 658 eligible applications, for a total of $8,425,000.

TCG Member Recipients of Learning in the Arts Grants:
• The Children's Theatre Co: $42,000
• The Cleveland Play House: $17,000
• Epic Theatre Center: $32,000
• Fulton Theatre: $40,000
• Heartbeat Ensemble: $17,000
• Japan Society: $15,000
• Philadelphia Young Playwrights: $36,000
• Seattle Repertory Theatre: $68,000
• Shakespeare & Co: $40,000
• The Shakespeare Theatre Company: $45,000
• The Vineyard Playhouse: $23,000
• Young Playwrights’ Theater: $60,000
• Youth Ensemble of Atlanta: $25,000

Total: $460,000

Arts on Radio and Television grants support the development, production and national distribution of radio and television programs on the arts. Through the Arts on Radio and Television category, the NEA will award 54 grants out of 149 eligible applications, for a total of $4,030,000.

TCG Member Recipients of Arts on Radio and Television Grants:

• L.A. Theatre Works: $20,000

Total: $20,000

Action: None

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NEA Announces 2010-2011 Shakespeare For a New Generation Grants

The NEA announced that 40 not-for-profit professional theatre companies will receive grants of $25,000 each to participate in Shakespeare for a New Generation from June 1, 2010-May 31, 2011. Part of the NEA’s Shakespeare in American Communities initiative, Shakespeare for a New Generation introduces middle and high school students to the power of live theatre and the masterpieces of William Shakespeare.

TCG Member Recipients of Shakespeare for a New Generation Grants:
• The Acting Co: $25,000
• Actors Shakespeare Project* : $10,000-$25,000
• American Players Theatre: $25,000
• American Shakespeare Center: $25,000
• Baltimore Shakespeare Festival: $25,000
• Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble: $25,000
• California Shakespeare Theater* : $10,000-$25,000
• Classic Stage Company: $25,000
• Dallas Theater Center: $25,000
• Denver Center Theatre Co: $25,000
• Epic Theatre Ensemble: $25,000
• Folger Theatre: $25,000
• Guthrie Theater: $25,000
• Hartford Stage Co: $25,000
• Idaho Shakespeare Festival: $25,000
• Kansas City Repertory Theatre* : $10,000-$25,000
• Kentucky Shakespeare Festival* : $10,000-$25,000
• New Stage Theatre: $25,000
• A Noise Within: $25,000
• Oregon Shakespeare Festival: $25,000
• The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival at DeSales University: $25,000
• Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre: $25,000
• Playmakers Repertory Co: $25,000
• Shakespeare & Co* : $10,000-$25,000
• The Shakespeare Theatre Company: $25,000
• The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey: $25,000
• St Louis Black Repertory Company: $25,000
• The Theater at Monmouth : $25,000
• Theatre for a New Audience: $25,000
• Touchstone Theatre: $25,000
• Utah Shakespearean Festival: $25,000
• Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum: $25,000
• Yale Repertory Theatre: $25,000

* Six of the participating companies will receive additional grants of $10,000-20,000, thanks to a partnership with the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, which coordinates programs for at-risk youth among multiple federal agencies. Funds for the grants, which will support performances and educational activities targeted to youth involved with the juvenile justice system, are provided by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Action: None



Call for Participation: 1st Baku International Theatre Conference, Azerbaijan, November 9-10

The theme of this conference is The World Theatre Process in XXI Century. The main goal of the conference is to provide a forum for well known theatre performers and experts from all over the world to discuss the common challenges and opportunities facing the contemporary theatre.

Action: The deadline is June 1. Email a resume and photo to Shaig Safarov.

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2010 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes

The theme of this year’s prize is “Literacy and Women’s Empowerment.” Member States and International Non-Governmental Organizations maintaining formal consultative relations with the Organization are invited to solicit and submit applications.

Action: The deadline is June 4. Visit the UNESCO website for application guidelines and materials.

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Sixth International Theatre Festival for Children in Romania, October 2-9

The theme of this festival, organized by Ion Creanga Theatre in Bucharest is 100, 100, 1,000,000 Stories. The festival is seeking visual productions mainly based on theatrical means other than words.

Action: The deadline for professional theatre companies to apply for participation is June 15. Visit the International Theatre Festival for Children website for more information and to apply.



Blue Avocado on Legalities of Not-for-Profit Internships

Not-for-profit blog Blue Avocado published a post on the legal issues involved in hiring interns, how they should be compensated and what distinguishes an intern from a volunteer.

Action: Visit the Blue Avocado website to read the full blog post.

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Fractured Atlas Offering Course on Personal Financial Planning for Artists

Personal Financial Planning for Artists will use the case study method to teach a process, some techniques and vocabulary so that you can attain comfort with developing and managing your own financial plan.

Action: Visit the Fractured Atlas website for more information and to register.



Illinois State University

School of Theatre
Campus Box 5700
Normal, IL 61790-5700
tel (309) 438-5859
fax (309) 438-5806
Valerie Dambold, Administrative Aide

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The TEAM (Theatre of the Emerging American Moment)

104 Montgomery St, #1C
Brooklyn, NY 11225
tel (917) 570-5752
Rachel Chavkin, Artistic Director
Nathan Koch, General Manager
Jeremy Blocker, President

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Theatrical Outfit

PO Box 1555
Atlanta, GA 30301
tel (404) 577-5257
fax (404) 577-5259
Tom Key, Producing Artistic Director
Scott Zimmerman, General Manager
Bill Balzer, Board President


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