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Billy Twinkle

Billy Twinkle

Ronnie Burkett,

Playwrights Canada Press

For anyone stuck in the middle—mid-career, mid-love, mid-life—this requiem for a golden boy shines a little light on the wonder of youth meeting the wisdom of age.

Billy Twinkle is a middle-aged cruise-ship puppeteer who dazzles audiences with his Stars in Miniature marionette nightclub act. Billy is the best in the business and on top of the world as he floats along through life… until he is fired by the cruise line.

Standing at the edge of the ship, contemplating a watery demise, Billy is called back to reality when his dead mentor Sid Diamond appears as a handpuppet. Sid forces Billy to re-enact his life as a puppet show, rekindling the passion Billy once had for puppets, people, and the dream of a life that sparkles.

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