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Arnold Wesker

Oberon Books

Mattie Beancourt, a 61-year-old woman, reads the autobiography of Mark Gorman, a famous painter. Having grown up in the same East End streets she writes to him. A correspondence develops. She visits him unannounced, and discovers he lives in near poverty and neglect. Her personality is sunny, his is curmudgeonly. Their impact upon each other is startling.…

I was an appendage for him. Something stuck on, but not special. He didn’t need me. There was never any real passion there. To live a whole life knowing you were not special for anyone…craving it… to be loved and special. Just once in my life, before I die… 

Arnold Wesker F.R.S.L was knighted in 2006 for ‘services to drama’. He has written over forty-three plays, two opera libretti, various mechanical adaptations; four volumes of short stories, a children’s book, and a novel; two volumes of essays, an autobiography, a diary, and a book on journalism; and recently his first volume of poetry. His plays have been produced in cities from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, from Paris to Moscow, from Montreal to Zurich, and The Kitchen – his most performed play has been performed yearly somewhere or other around the world for the last fifty years, and recently was revived by The National Theatre in 2011.


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