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The Doorman of Windsor Station

The Doorman of Windsor Station

Julie Vincent and Hugh Hazelton

Playwrights Canada Press

The mirrored realities of Montevideo in 1973 and Montreal in 2005 fuse together in a time-travelling story about one man who escaped a harrowing coup d’état in order to find a better life, but instead finds further struggles as an immigrant.

Francisco will forever be haunted by the sight of his best friend Juan lying on the floor of a train station, pierced by five bullets. He’ll remember that sight as he flees the political uprising in Uruguay that night. He’ll remember when he’s holding a dying homeless man in Windsor Station in Montreal eight months later. He’ll remember when he’s a successful architect. He’ll remember when he’s having an affair with a Québécoise pianist named Claire. He’ll remember when he’s much older, a vagrant sleeping in a café that was once part of Windsor Station, where he meets his son, an activist in the student strikes in Quebec.

As he tries for a better life, Francisco’s past keeps finding him, until it blurs with the present in a series of hallucinations, challenging him to reclaim his identity and his rights.

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